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This extension provide a popup menu with some emojis ; clicking on an emoji copies it to the clipboard. It will be less ugly if you have « Twitter Color Emoji » or « EmojiOne Color » font installed on your system.
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Emoji Selector (for GNOME Shell)

This GNOME shell extension provides a searchable popup menu displaying most emojis ; Clicking on an emoji copies it to your clipboard.


  • keyboard shortcut to open the extension's menu (Super+E by defaut)
  • dynamic research (press enter to copy the first result to the clipboard)
  • lots of parametrable things
  • skin tone & gender modifiers
  • middle click to set to the cliboard without closing the menu (or Ctrl+Enter)
  • right click to add the emoji at the end of the current clipboard content (or Shift+Enter)

currently Unicode 10


About fonts

It will be less ugly if you have the « Twitter Color Emoji » font, or the « EmojiOne Color » font installed on your system. These fonts are on github.

Arch Linux users can install ttf-emojione from AUR.

Color emojis depends on the system you're using (GNOME > 3.26 is recommended).

Contributors & translations

  • Ryan Gonzalez (port to ES6 classes)
  • amivaleo (italian translation + lot of ideas)
  • jonnius (german translation)
  • picsi / frnogueira (brazilian portuguese and esperanto translations)

The extension is currently available in english, french, brazilian portuguese, italian, esperanto and german. I only know french and english, so if you need a specific language, please contribute: you just have to be inspired by the existing .po files !


Default way to do

The better option is to install it from here.

For Arch Linux users

Arch Linux users can install gnome-shell-extension-emoji-selector-git from AUR.

Manual installation

Download and extract the ZIP, then open a terminal in the project's directory, and run ./ It should copy the "" folder to ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/, which can be done manually if you want.

You may need to restart the gnome shell environment ("logout and login again", or alt + f2 + r + enter).

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