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How to use Differ
Differ script allows you to diff files in differently directories by right
clicking and selecting "Differ" for two files

1) Extract contents of to a new folder named Differ
2) Double click Differ.exe to install context menu entry (must be able to write
   to HKEY_ROOT)
3) Right click on first file and select "Differ"
4) Right click on second file and select "Differ"

How to use Watermark Script
Watermark script can add watermark image to a video using Avisynth and

1) Install VirtualDub from <>
2) Install AVISynth from <>
3) Extract contents of to a new folder named Watermark
4) Double click "Watermark.exe" and click the "..." to the right side of "Movies" label
5) Keep adding movies as necessary (you can choose multiple)
6) Click "Add Watermarks" to add watermarks, "Enc." encodes to cinepak without watermarking.

How to use Weather checker script
Weahter checker displays a popup for the weather

1) Extract contents of to a new folder named Weather
2) Run Weather.exe
3) Press "win" + "=" to show weather, or right click on tray -> Check weather