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Resolution-invariant Person Re-identification
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Resolution-invariant Person Re-identification accepted by IJCAI2019

This code is mainly encouraged by

To accelerate evaluation (10x faster), you can use cython-based evaluation code (developed by luzai). First cd to torchreid/eval_lib, then do make or python build_ext -i. After that, run python to test if the package is successfully installed.


VR dataset, which can be constructed by downsampling the original dataset. can be download in data/ from, whose password is umzg. For example, data/vr_market1501/query/XXX


python -d market1501 --optim adam --lr 0.0003 --max-epoch 60 --stepsize 20 40 --train-batch 32 --test-batch 100 --save-dir log/RIPR_train --gpu-devices 0


python --evaluate -d market1501 --test-batch 100 --save-dir log/RIPR_train --gpu-devices 0 --testmodel log/RIPR_train/best_model.pth.tar


the model file can be downloaded from , whose password is yov0

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