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Mapir React Native Demo

Demo Application for Mapir React Native SDK

What is Mapir?



git clone
cd Mapir-react-native-example
  • Install our dependencies using npm i.

Start React Native Packager

Open up another tab in your Terminal and run

npm start

Run Android Simulator

  • Open up Android Studio and build with gradle
  • Start Android emulator
  • Run adb reverse tcp:8081 tcp:8081 to foward port to packager(needed for hot reloading, if you're not developing you can skip this step).
  • Run react-native run-android from Mapir-react-native-example directory


If the build fails make sure gradle has permission to build from cli

cd android
chmod +x gradlew

Run iOS Simulator

You can run this with the react-native cli or Xcode

react-native run-ios


If you run into

Command failed: /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c Print:CFBundleIdentifier build/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/
Print: Entry, ":CFBundleIdentifier", Does Not Exist

Just run the example from Xcode, it seems to be an issue with RN.