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jQuery Depeche Mode

Allows a user to select items from a list with number keys on the keyboard 0 to 9, where 0 equals 10.

Once the line is highlighted then you can hit the shortcut key which will click the link.

All these links must be ajax links so that the click function works. You might want to use my jQuery.Beeline plugin.


jquery-1.4.2 jquery.livequery


You can use the exact version of livequery by use of submodules.

$ git submodule update --init jquery.livequery


jquery.beeline will_paginate


Add the following to your application.js $(document).depechemode();

Make sure the id is set on your show,edit,destroy links eg:

<%= link_to "Show", product, :class => 'ajax', :target => 'content', :id => 'show' %>

Functions available shotcut key = id of link

  • s = show
  • e = edit
  • d = destroy
  • t = tag
  • m = move

Next & Previous pagination through will_paginate Ctrl + = Next Page Ctrl + = Prev Page


Change over so we use accesskeys instead of id's for selecting show,edit,destroy,tag and move.