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+* About
Overdrive is used to add special key bindings to a form for productivity purposes.
@@ -9,68 +9,68 @@ Based on: a
Tested using Firefox 3.6.
+* Requires
-jquery 1.4.2
+jquery 1.4.2 or above (Tested on 1.7.1)
+* Submodules
You can use the exact version of livequery by use of submodules.
- $ git submodule update --init jquery.livequery
+: git submodule update --init jquery.livequery
+* Use
Add the following to your $(document).ready section
- $(":input").overdrive();
+: $(":input").overdrive();
Or if you want to allow enter to submit when on top of the submit button:
- $(":input").overdrive({submit_after: true});
+: $(":input").overdrive({submit_after: true});
Allowing a some jump fields
- $(":input").overdrive({submit_after: true, jump: ['product_name', 'product_code']});
+: $(":input").overdrive({submit_after: true, jump: ['product_name', 'product_code']});
Jump fields and setting the jump key to keyCode 122 which is F11.
- $(":input").overdrive({submit_after: true, jump: ['product_name', 'product_code'], jump_key_code: 122});
+: $(":input").overdrive({submit_after: true, jump: ['product_name', 'product_code'], jump_key_code: 122});
Allow F12 to submit the form.
- $(":input").overdrive({submit_key_code: 123});
+: $(":input").overdrive({submit_key_code: 123});
Allow moving around fields with the characters Ctrl+[ for up and Ctrl+] for down. The user can also define their own. I have had trouble using the up & down arrow as some browsers bring up a list on text fields. Note: all field_nav keys must use the ctrl button. So you could use some of the alpha characters and they will not be entered into fields.
- $(":input").overdrive({field_nav: true });
+: $(":input").overdrive({field_nav: true });
Example of field_nav overriding the default keybindings to '-' & '=' for up & down respectively.
- $(":input").overdrive({field_nav: true, field_up: 45, field_down: 61 });
+: $(":input").overdrive({field_nav: true, field_up: 45, field_down: 61 });
Highlight on focus
If you would like to Highlight your fields on focus then just add a 'highlight' style to your CSS file.
- .highlight { background-color: yellow; }
+: .highlight { background-color: yellow; }
+* Focus
If you would like to focus a field you first should add the following to your document ready area:
- the_focus = link.attr('the_focus');
- $.focus_input(the_focus);
+: the_focus = link.attr('the_focus');
+: $.focus_input(the_focus);
If no attribute called 'the_focus' exists then the first input box is focused.
Here is how you focus a specific field:
- <p><%= link_to "New Product", new_product_path, :id => "new_product", :class => 'ajax', :target => 'content', :accesskey => 'ctrl+a', :the_focus => "#product_code" %></p>
+: <p><%= link_to "New Product", new_product_path, :id => "new_product", :class => 'ajax', :target => 'content', :accesskey => 'ctrl+a', :the_focus => "#product_code" %></p>
-#Date plugin
+* Date plugin
If you are using the date plugin:
@@ -80,9 +80,9 @@ Then you can take advantage of the automatic next functions and keybindings I ha
Add the following to your $(document).ready or live area:
- $.auto_next_date("<date field id>", "<field name directly after your date field>");
+ : $.auto_next_date("<date field id>", "<field name directly after your date field>");
EG: product_release_date is the date field and product_price is the field directly under.
- $.auto_next_date("#product_release_date", "#product_price");
+ : $.auto_next_date("#product_release_date", "#product_price");

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