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Mapbender3 is a web based geoportal framework.

The official site contains documentation and installation information (also available in German).

To install Mapbender3 from this Git-repository, please read the guide of the Git-based installation (in German).


The current version of Mapbender is based on the release/3.0.6 branch. The master branch will reflect the changes of the current releases while the develop branch might contain new features.


Our code is maintained using git and hosted at Github. We split up our code into several parts:

  1. mapbender-starter: The starter project you are using right now. This provides a complete application to play with and build upon.
  2. mapbender: The CoreBundle contains all basic functionality, including base classes and interfaces for the Mapbender3 API usable by Mapbender and third-party bundles.
  3. FOM: User and rights management.
  4. OWSProxy3: OWSProxy3 is a transparent Buzz-based proxy that uses cURL for connection to web resources via/without a proxy server.
  5. mapquery: Mapbender uses MapQuery as it's jQuery/OpenLayers wrapper. We maintain our own clone.


Please report issues at the Mapbender repository here at Github.

Other downloads

Prebuild Tarballs and Zip files (where all sumbodules and Symfony bundles are integrated) are available at our Download page.

Mapbender3 demo & sandbox

Wanna see Mapbender3 live? A demo installation is available at

Follow us on Twitter

You can follow Mapbender3 at Twitter