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Package updates

  • Update mapbender/mapbender to v3.0.8
  • Update mapbender/digitizer to 1.1.69
  • Update mapbender/fom to 3.1.0
  • Update mapbender/coordinates-utility to
  • Update mapbender/data-source to 0.1.11
  • Update mapbender/vis-ui.js to 0.2.0
  • Update mapbender/icons to 1.5
  • Update symfony/symfony to v2.8.49
  • Update symfony/monolog-bundle to v3.2.0
    This fixes a warning on PHP7.2
  • Update monolog/monolog to 1.24.0

Other changes

  • Fix positioning of legendpage_image in a4landscape print template (PR#87)
  • Pre-configure Coordinates Utility in demo applications with a zoomlevel option (PR#88)
  • When installing / updating packages via composer, also clear cache and rebuild components (7701180)
  • Removed mapbender/documentation dependency. The end user
    documentation will no longer be included by default and some of the build amenities have been removed from
    Mapbender Starter. Please see the main repository for
    standalone build instructions.
  • Fix Exception on first bootstrap run, before parameters.yml is created
  • Fix missing backend icons after first bootstrap run
  • Fix CI build failures (PR#86)
  • Ignore platform reqs in CI / automation environment composer install to allow clean php extension dependency modelling
  • Remove nonfunctional remnant apigen-dependent commands; apigen required was removed 11 months ago
  • Downgrade default log level from debug => info to reduce log spam and increase visibility of more significant messages
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