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@werrolf werrolf released this Apr 12, 2019 · 2 commits to release/3.0.7 since this release

Please see for cautionary notes on upgrading running, customized installations.
Please also see Mapbender Starter's changelog for recent assumed updates to other packages.

Functional improvements


  • Improve compatibility with certain reverse-proxy setups (PR#1061, PR#1075)
  • Avoid lengthy WMS validation when loading a new WMS source (PR#1151)
  • Wms instance layer titles can now automatically follow source layer title changes on source reloads (PR#1115)
  • Previously detected default version is now applied when reloading a WMS from an origin url with omitted VERSION=... parameter (PR#1150)
  • Support nested source definitions in YAML applications (PR#1125)
  • Sources in YAML-defined Applications can now be configured to start expanded and / or not be expandable, analogous to toggle and allowToggle root layer options for DB applications (PR#1113)
  • Layers in YAML-defined sources are now initially selected by default if YAML-only visible setting is omitted (previously: deselected)
  • Fix redundant double WMS request on first LayerTree off / on cycle on a source (Issue #715, PR#1074)
  • Fix inconsistent generated params for user and group type vendorspecifics hidden vs non-hidden
  • Sources added via wms_id parameter now support metadata loading via LayerTree menu


  • Fixed behaviour of Digitizer and similar Elements in Buttons-style sidepane (PR#1097)
  • Overview map now respects per-layer selected setting on assigned WMS instances
  • Overview map now respects per-instance tiled setting
  • PrintClient selection rectangle position and scale are now restored, if still on screen, when closing / reopening the dialog (PR#1011)
  • PrintClient rotation can now be controlled by dragging the corner of the print area (PR#1121)
  • PrintClient: Add optional queue mode, decoupling job execution from web server request (PR#1070)
    • NOTE: Print queue display styling inherits from .mapbender-element-result-table, which means
      any custom css styles you may have already applied to Digitizer result tables should automatically transfer to the print queue visual.
  • Fix ZoomBar configuration value handling discrepancies for stepByPixel and stepSize options in YAML apps vs DB apps
  • Fix LayerTree menu metadata for WMS layers with empty names
  • Fix LayerTree menu metadata for WMS child layers without an own bounding box
  • WMS GetFeatureInfo FEATURE_COUNT default is reduced from 1000 to 100; this value is now configurable in the FeatureInfo Element as maxCount (Issue#1099, PR#1152)
  • Fix Dimensions values not getting applied while layer is invisible (PR#1114)
  • Dimension submenu in LayerTree now remember its last state when closing / reopening
  • LayerTree: "zoom to layer" now supports WMS 1.3.0 <BoundingBox> axis order specification quirks
  • LayerTree: Support horizontal growth and auto-ellipse long title texts purely with CSS; this obsoletes the titlemaxlength option, which has been removed
  • LayerTree menu: (partial) usability fix for menu when shown for source currently in loading state
  • LayerTree: fix conflicts between layer menus opened simultaneously by multiple LayerTree elements
  • WmsLoader: make (previously ignored) autoOpen option work
  • WmsLoader: Make behaviour of 'declarative' links with default mb-wms-merge setting repeatable (PR#1083)
  • WmsLoader: Enable activation of specific layers via mb-wms-layer on 'declarative' links even if root or group layers have empty names (PR#1083)
  • Redlining now reacts appropriately to runtime SRS switching (PR#1107)
  • Fix Redlining in sidepane never deactivating its drawing tools once activated (Issue #992, PR#1088)
  • Redlining: allow direct tool deactivation via second click on activation button (PR#1147)
  • Add support for Redlining deactivate_on_close also when in placed sidepane
  • Fix dangling Redlining edit-mode vertices when deleting currently edited feature (Issue #1040, PR#1106)
  • Fix Ruler measurement errors when switching between geodesic and non-geodesic CRS at runtime (PR#1069)
  • Fix inconsistent legend image behaviors between proxy source instance setting on and off

Button configuration

  • Buttons with invalid targets can longer break other buttons with the same group setting
  • Fix exception when rendering a Button Element with completely undefined click option (PR#1076)
  • activate / deactivate options are no longer mandatory and can safely be left empty (Issue#1050, PR#1095)
  • Buttons already start highlighted if their target has been configured with an autoOpen or similar option (PR#1095)
  • Improved support for multiple Buttons controlling the same target Element

Print / ImageExport reproduction

  • Add WMS GetMap size limits, use tiling to stitch larger images (PR#1073)
  • Generate label and other symbol sizing parameters understood by Mapserver, QGis server and Geoserver (735626322)
  • Optimize handling performance of WMS layers with manually reduced opacity
  • Synchronize layer and legend visibility at any scale with client-side behavior (PR#1077)
  • Support exporting / printing icons on "marker layers" (PR#1108)
  • Fix wrong (grey instead of white) color of GpsButton area display circle, if one makes it into an export or print
  • Extend label reproduction to all types of features, improve reproduction accuracy (PR#1111)
  • Suppress redundant group layer legend images and legend images for deactivated layers (Issue #611 PR#1053)
  • Improved reproduction of patterned and / or semi-transparent and / or very thick lines (PR#1080)
  • Fixed reproduction of 'donut'-style polygon cutouts (PR#1080)
  • Print only: Very large legend images will now be scaled to fit (PR#1112)
  • Print only: Very long legend titles now render as multiline text (PR#1112)
  • Print only: automatically line-wrap content of dynamically populated text regions
  • Significantly reduce memory requirements for larger printouts


  • Fix Application import from pretty-printed JSON input
  • Fixed handling of DimensionsHandler backend form (PR#1049)


  • Restore non-root limited adminstrator's ability to reload a Source (PR#1093)
  • Fix map max extent breaking down on repeated SRS switches
  • Restore function of optional wms_id application url parameter (PR#1084)
  • Restore function of optional visiblelayers application url parameter on root layers (PR#1083 collateral)
  • Fixed SearchRouter feature highlighting after zoom (Issue #1072, PR#1103)
  • WmsLoader: Fix newly added service starting out with a deselected root layer (PR#1045)
  • Fix Overview map support for source instances with proxy setting
  • Fixed dynamic (layertree) source reordering errors with many layers
  • Restore layer enabled / FeautureInfo checkbox state synchronization across multiple LayerTree Elements (PR#1074)
  • Fix erratic LayerTree / Legend states after ZoomBar "zoom to full extent" interaction (PR#1074)
  • Fix erratic LayerTree / Legend state updates on first map interaction after submitting a print job (PR#1077)
  • Fix erratic LayerTree layer "ghosting" on certain map interactions (PR#1074)
  • Fix PrintClient errors when switching template while selection rectangle is disabled (sidepane / element mode)
  • Fix element-order dependent script initialization error in mobile template
  • Fix incomplete cached application assets for applications with protected elements (PR#1052)
  • Fix Legend Element display ordering under certain layer nestings
  • Fix broken Legend Element handling of WMS sources with only a root layer
  • Fix Legend Element autoOpen option
  • Fixed POI initialization with non-default SRS (Issue #458, PR#1109)
  • Fix broken Button vs POI interaction (Issue#549)
  • Fix broken URL parameters generated by WmcHandler state saving / restoring (59c41476c)
  • Fix Wmc Editor Screenshot upload errors
  • Automatic Button highlighting restored (PR#1095)

Layouting / content fixes

  • Denoise popup and sidepane backgrounds
  • Restore missing frontend icon highlight effects in Redlining, Wmc Elements and LayerTree inline menu
  • Typo fixes in WmsCapabilitiesParser130, thanks jef-n (PR#1046)
  • Extend / update Italian locale translations (PR #1062, PR#1078)
  • Enable scrolling of FeatureInfo response in Mobile Template (PR#1057)
  • FeatureInfo: fix visual dialog overflow for wide response HTML formats with showOriginal option off
  • FeatureInfo: fix erratic double scrollbars appearing / disappearing when resizing dialog with showOriginal option on
  • Fix missing gap in ScaleDisplay
  • Button: fix display sizing of Button with no icon
  • Button: fix responsive toolbar folding of buttons with a label but no icon (leave the label visible)
  • Button: fix ~random font family changes for label depending on chosen icon option
  • Fix broken display of Buttons with 'Coordinates (FontAwesome)' icon assigned
  • Limit Legend Element image sizes to available width
  • Replace toolbar / navigation element opacity with much more benign rgba colors (via sass fade-out)
  • Misc multiple-id DOM fixes


  • Fix 'Layerset' Application section overflows when displaying very high source / instance ids
  • Fix broken display of long layerset titles in Map configuration form (Issue#1085, PR#1098)
  • Fix out-of-box overflow in application list with very long application descriptions
  • Provide better scope information (layerset name, element region) in source instance assignment and element creation popups
  • Use localized strings in Application delete confirmation popup (previously hard-coded to English)
  • Fix excessive height of Application delete confirmation popup, align with other confirmation dialogs
  • More consistent styling between 'Layouts' and 'Layerset' Application sections
  • Restore missing sub-layer toggle icons in backend source layer view
  • Fix application edit form screenshot area layout breaking on deletion
  • Fix application screenshot image rescaling to maintain aspect ratio and never crop
  • Close potential script injection angle on certain popup subtitles

Removed functionality

  • Unused / ineffective form fields for vendor specifics have been removed (PR#1047)
  • GpsButton: remove unsafe zoomToAccuracy option

Other changes

  • Improved / restored compatibility for non-controlling Button element children (PR#1096)
  • Add new mapbender:config:check console command
  • [Debug] Application routes assets/js and assets/css will now produce information markers at the beginning of each merged input file in app_dev mode
  • [Framework] false is now a viable return type from Element::getWidgetName, and indicates a "static" element with no client-side script
  • Revert HTMLElement to pure markup rendering functionality (PR#1122)
  • Print: fix errors extracting user specific job values for custom LDAP user objects without a getId() method
  • Take over responsibility for general backend layout and certain JavaScript widgets from FOM. See PR#1120 for potential BC impact on highly customized installations.
  • Fix nested tab container conflicts / conflicts with non-unique tab ids
  • Misc obsolete asset removals (see
  • Misc deprecation cleanups for Symfony 3+ compatibility (work in progress)
  • Update mbPrintClient.printDigitizerFeature API (PR#1123, Digitizer PR#69)
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