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@werrolf werrolf released this Feb 5, 2020 · 7 commits to release/3.0.7 since this release

Regression fixes

  • Fix broken layerset order saving in Map administration
  • Fix missing WMS data when querying a layer with name "0" (broken in v3.0.8.2)
  • Fix PHP strict warning when editing / creating a LayerTree Element

Other functional fixes

  • Disable sqlite foreign keys when running doctrine:schema:update command for safety
  • Fix unreliable / broken initial map srs configurations depending on database response order
  • Fix PostgreSQL 10 incompatibilities when running doctrine:schema:update et al
  • Fix invalid relative urls in cached css when switching base url (e.g. url with "app.php" vs without script name)
  • Fix invalid relative urls in generated application css when running Mapbender in a "subdirectory url" (see for potential conflicts with old workarounds)
  • Fix broken map scales configuration if loaded config contains non-contiguous array
  • Fix twig 2.x incompatibility in TwigConstraintValidator (applied HTML Element content field); clean up various twig deprecations
  • Fix nonfunctional CSS minification in prod environment (PR#1219)
  • Add missing grants check for instance enable toggle / instance reordering actions (requires EDIT on containing Application)
  • Resolve misc form type, service configuration and other incompatibilities with Symfony 3
  • [FeatureInfo] fix validation of HTML documents where every tag has attributes
  • [PrintClient] fix missing data if form is submitted by pressing Enter key
  • [PrintClient] prevent form submit in sidepane if selection rectangle is inactive
  • [PrintClient] Fix selection rectangle recentering on change of scale dropdown or rotation field
  • [Backend] Fix internal server error when submitting PrintClient configuration form with invalid values
  • [Backend] Fix invalid application export data format for WMS legend and metadata url sub-objects
  • [Backend] Fix errors on import of previously broken application export formats
  • [Backend] SourceInstance opacity field: reduce step to default 1 to prevent HTML5 form validation failures
  • [Backend] Maintain backend element form confirmation on close behaviour after submitting once with validation errors
  • [Backend] Fix login form submit url if login form is triggered through non-login url (e.g. editing Element after session expiry / logging out in a different tab)
  • [Backend] remove control over ineffective global Element grants (never checked; grants on concrete Elements in concrete Applications remain effective)
  • [Framework] Fix missing .dropdownValue visual update on "changed" event
  • [Framework] Fix missing .dropdownValue visual update when value changes on form reset (#1214)
  • [Framework] Fix progressive slowdown caused by repeated reinitialization of tab container / accordion widgets

New / extended functionality

  • Support dynamic vendor specifics value substitutions with arbitrary prefix / postfix strings
  • Show dependent applications and instances in source view (as a new "Applications" tab)
  • Show affected applications and instances in source deletion confirmation popup
  • When cloning DB applications, also clone access control rules
  • Automatically assign owner permission for current user on cloned application (PR#1207)
  • Allow privileged users to access non-published Yaml-based applications
  • Support viewing Yaml-based applications with published: false for users with appropriate privileges (root user, global Application view grant, or passing Yaml-Application-specific role check)
  • Support accessing non-published Yaml-based application in clone and export cli commands
  • [Framework] Support direct message key and wildcard key prefixes as Element / Template translation requirement inputs (PR#1208)
  • [Framework] add engine-agnostic mbmapclick event

Visual fixes and changes - frontend

  • Fix translations of login errors (PR#1206)
  • [FeatureInfo] fix inconsistent popup behaviour when displaying a mix of html and plain text responses
  • [FeatureInfo] resolve popup behaviour variations between onlyValid on or off
  • [FeatureInfo] activate first loaded tab / accordion pane only
  • [FeatureInfo] detect empty server response even with onlyValid option off
  • [ZoomBar] replace history icons with more appropriate double-arrows (also forward-compatible with Fontawesome 5)
  • [ZoomBar] fix horizontal alignment of zoom level icons

Visual fixes and changes - login and backend

  • Sort sources primarily by title in source index view and in layerset assignment list
  • Fix display of wide-format custom logos in backend sidepane and login areas
  • Fix encoding errors of backend headings containing HTML-escapable characters
  • Fix untranslated "Back" button in backend source views
  • Change misleading "active" labeling in Application Security tab to "public access" (this is not a functional change, only a text update)
  • Increase form field contrast for better placeholder readability
  • Split instance editing <h1> to improve presentation of instances with very long titles
  • Supply validation error messages (line + snippet) for yaml-type form fields
  • Disable undesirable close on outside click / mouse drag in misc backend modal popups (e.g. Layerset title editing)
  • Replace custom backend message boxes with standard Boostrap .alert
  • Remember last active tab also in Source item view (previously only in application editing)
  • Replace some custom backend-only icon constructs with forward-compatible FontAwesome markup
  • Improve wording consistency of common backend button / interaction labels (save vs update, delete, back etc)
  • Consistently use plural forms for all top-level menu items
  • Remove confusing WMTS instance form fields for unpersisted values
  • Remove form fields related to inactive, unimplemented WMTS featureinfo
  • Remove inconsequential Source Instance attribute visible and related form fields; instance visibility is always determined by the root layer's selected settting
  • Remove inconsequential Map Element configuration field units (units are auto-determined by CRS)
  • Remove unused tooltip Element configuration (ZoomBar, ScaleDisplay, ScaleBar, Overview, FeatureInfo, CoordinatesDisplay, Legend, Sketch)
  • Remove schema validation status display icons from backend Source listing (schema validation has been disabled since 3.0.8)

Package dependency changes

NOTE: see for guidance on all package dependency changes

  • Dropped legacy joii library dependency
  • Replaced eslider/sasscb dependency with two new dependencies (PR#1219)
  • Added `
  • Add missing sensio/generator-bundle dependency declaration (required by mapbender:generate:element command)
  • Moved owsproxy dependency back to stable / tagged version releases

Other changes

  • Capitalize all field labels generated through form theme
  • [FeatureInfo] remove type configuration option only relevant for destkop vs mobile templates; auto-detect instead
  • [CSS] .linkButton and all <a> elements now inherit font color by default
  • [CSS] .icon* no longer has a universal margin-right; only when applied on links and .toolBarItem
  • [CSS] Allow default-styled lists via .list-default class, document Bootstrap conflicts
  • [CSS] switch to root-relative units for all header elements and font-size classes
  • [CSS] table elements in popups and sidepanes now have full width by default, globally
  • [CSS] [Potential break] Resolve conflicts with Bootstrap checkbox markup. Elements with class .checkbox are no longer globally hidden. See for guidance.
  • [CSS] allow natural text flow in div.contentTitle
  • [CSS] extract new SCSS variables $inputForegroudColor (previously identical to $secondColor) and $inputBackgroundColor (previously hard-coded to full white)
  • Add translation:get command (optional MapbenderIntrospectionBundle, inactive by default)
  • Add mapbender:inspect:translations command to scan for invalid repeats and identity translations (optional MapbenderIntrospectionBundle, inactive by default)
  • Add mapbender:inspect:translations:twigs command to scan for JavaScript-side translation aliasing (optional MapbenderIntrospectionBundle, inactive by default)
  • Removed mapbender:generate:template command; never worked in any release, all the way back to
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