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MapDBImporter is a simple command-line tool to take a folder of MapBox tiles and put them in an mbtiles (SQLite database) file.


MapDBImporter -f (png,jpg) [-m<key1> <value1> [-m<key2> <value2>] ... ] [-M <metadata file>] -s <source directory> -d <destination file>


-f (png,jpg)

Choose which type of file to use in case both are found in the tile folders.

-m<key1> <value1>

Add metadata to the tile set. Use quotes for terms with spaces.

    -mName "World Light" -mDescription "A simple, light grey world map"

-M <metadata file>

Pass an .ini-style file of key/value pairs for metadata. Do not use quotes around terms with spaces.

    Name = World Light
    Description = A simple, light grey world map

-s <source directory>

The path to the folder containing the zoom folders, which contain y folders, which contain x files.

-d <destination file>

The desired output file. It is recommended to use the format World_Light_1.0.mbtiles for the World Light tile set version 1.0.

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