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Changes since v0.9.0:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if another module extends UIColor with a toHexString() method. (#66)

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Changes since v0.8.0:

  • Removed the strokeOpacity and fillOpacity properties from Path in favor of the alpha components of the strokeColor and fillColor properties, respectively. (#61)
  • Fixed a linker error in Objective-C projects about “incompatible Objective-C category definitions”. (#60)
  • Fixed an issue causing Path overlays without fills to become closed polygons. (#58)

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This release upgrades the library to the Mapbox Static API, which is powered by Mapbox GL. Snapshot modern styles, rotated and tilted, with all the same overlay options as before (#54). Changes since v0.7.0:

  • SnapshotOptions’ initializers have been replaced with new initializers that accept a style URL and SnapshotCamera. (SnapshotCamera is similar to MGLMapCamera in the Mapbox iOS and macOS SDKs, except that you can specify either a zoom level or an altitude for convenience.)
  • ClassicSnapshotOptions connects to the classic Static API, retaining the functionality of the former SnapshotOptions.
  • Overlay options have remained relatively unchanged, although markers now support a wider selection of icon names in conjunction with SnapshotOptions, and you can choose to insert overlays below labels, roads, or other parts of the map.
  • SnapshotOptions adds a Mapbox logo and copyright notices by default.
  • GeoJSON(object:) is once again throwable.
  • Fixed warnings building with Swift 3.1. (#55)

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Changes since v0.6.1:

  • Migrated to Swift 2.3.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when archiving an application that links to this library. (#38)
  • The user agent string sent by the Mac version of this library now says “macOS” instead of “OS X”. (#36)
  • More reliably parse server responses. (#40)
  • Clarified documentation. (#39)

To install this release via CocoaPods, point your Podfile to:

pod 'MapboxStatic.swift', :git => 'https://github.com/mapbox/MapboxStatic.swift.git', :tag => 'v0.6.2'

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Changes since v0.6.0:

  • When the request fails due to rate limiting, an invalid access token, or other invalid input, the completion handler’s error parameter contains an NSError object with an explanation of the reason for the failure and a recovery suggestion. (#32, #34)
  • Renamed Snapshot.requestURL to simply URL. (#31)
  • Requests sent through this library now use a more specific user agent string, so you can more easily identify this library on your Statistics page in Mapbox Studio. (#33)
  • Fixed a crash when requesting images between 640 and 1,280 points tall or wide on Retina displays.

To install this release via CocoaPods, point your Podfile to:

pod 'MapboxStatic.swift', :git => 'https://github.com/mapbox/MapboxStatic.swift.git', :tag => 'v0.6.1'

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Changes since v0.5.0:

  • Added support for bridging to Objective-C code. All classes now inherit from NSObject and have prefixed Objective-C class names. (#28)
  • Even if you aren’t using CocoaPods, you can now install the framework into tvOS and watchOS projects in addition to iOS and OS X projects. (#25)
  • Fixed a compiler error that affected watchOS projects that installed this library via CocoaPods. (#25)
  • A new MarkerOptions class conforms to a common SnapshotOptionsProtocol and inherits from MarkerImage like Marker does. MarkerOptions is responsible for configuring a request for a standalone marker from the classic Static API. (#30)
  • Renamed the mapIdentifier parameter of SnapshotOptions’ initializers to reflect the fact that you can composite multiple tile sets together by specifying multiple map identifiers. (#22)
  • Added Markdown documentation throughout the library. (#23, #24)
  • Overlay is now a protocol. (#23)
  • Marker and CustomMarker share a Point protocol. (#23)
  • Renamed MarkerSize to Size and placed it under Marker. (#23)
  • Renamed SnapshotFormat to simply Format and placed it under SnapshotOptions.
  • Added multiple convenience initializers to Marker that replace the label parameter with more specific parameters. (#23, #28)
  • Renamed GeoJSON(string:) to GeoJSON(objectString:) and added a GeoJSON(object:) that takes structured data. (#23)
  • Fixed an issue in which strings containing ? or ) passed into Path’s initializer would truncate the request URL, potentially causing the image request to fail. (#26)
  • Fixed an incorrect assertion failure creating large snapshots on devices with 3× screens. (#27)
  • Removed colors from overlay initializers in order to support multiple operating systems in Objective-C. Also removed other parameters from Path’s initializer since they make less sense without color parameters. (#28)
  • Added members to Path that refer to coordinates with raw pointers instead of arrays to enable bridging to Objective-C with C arrays. (#28)

To install this release via CocoaPods, point your Podfile to:

pod 'MapboxStatic.swift', :git => 'https://github.com/mapbox/MapboxStatic.swift.git', :tag => 'v0.6.0'

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Changes since v0.4.0:

  • This library is now distributed as a dynamic framework instead of a standalone source code file. (#16)
  • Added support for Cocoa applications on OS X. (#21)
  • Moved MarkerSize, Overlay, Marker, CustomMarker, GeoJSON, and Path out of MapboxStaticMap and into the module’s namespace. Moved ImageFormat out of MapboxStaticMap and renamed it SnapshotFormat. If any of these class names conflict with a class in your application’s module, prefix it with MapboxStatic.. (#18)
  • Renamed MapboxStaticMap to Snapshot. Snapshot’s initializer takes a SnapshotOptions parameter that specifies the viewport and output format. (#19)
  • If no access token is passed into Snapshot’s initializer, it is read from the MGLMapboxAccessToken key in the main bundle’s Info.plist. (#19)
  • A snapshot’s scale defaults to the screen’s resolution. (#19)
  • Removed the autoFitFeatures option. To have to snapshot automatically fit any overlays, omit its centerCoordinate and zoomLevel. Null Island is no longer the default center coordinate. (#19)
  • Renamed imageWithCompletionHandler(_:) to image(completionHandler:) and added an optional error parameter to the completion handler. (#19)
  • Upgraded to Swift 3–compatible syntax. (#14)

To install this release via CocoaPods, point your Podfile to:

pod 'MapboxStatic.swift', :git => 'https://github.com/mapbox/MapboxStatic.swift.git', :tag => 'v0.5.0'

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update screenshots for run through with Swift 2.0 code

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add custom marker to auto-fit example