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This plugin validates and persists Mapbox SDK versions in a file(in assets folder) at compile time.
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Persist Mapbox SDK Versions

About android-sdk-versions-plugin

This plugin persists Mapbox android SDK version information(for every library module) in a file at compile time for further access at run time. This plugin also validates the version to be compliant with . The persisted file is named after applicationId(for e.g. com.mapbox.andorid.core) and the file content is in the following format.

SDK Module Name/Version
Version Code

This plugin is inspired from

All android SDK library modules at Mapbox should apply this plugin to facilitate the Telemetry SDK access all Mapbox SDK versions at run time.

Add the Gradle plugin

In your root-level build.gradle, make sure you are using the Maven Central Repository and add android-sdk-versions-plugin to your dependencies

  dependencies {
    // ...
        // Add this line:
        classpath 'com.mapbox.mapboxsdk:mapbox-android-sdk-versions:X.X.X'

Apply the Gradle plugin

In all your module (library) level build.gradle files, apply the plugin.

apply plugin: ''


If all modules in your project are libraries, add this in project's root build.gradle file.

subprojects { subProject ->
 afterEvaluate {
     subProject.apply plugin: ''

Using Snapshots

If you want to test recent bug fixes or features that have not been packaged in an official release yet, you can use a -SNAPSHOT release of the current development version, available on Sonatype.

    repositories {
        maven { url "" }

  dependencies {
    // ...
        // Add this line:
        classpath 'com.mapbox.mapboxsdk:mapbox-android-sdk-versions:X.X.X-SNAPSHOT'

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