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Work-in-progress new home for low-level Rust components of the Carmen geocoding engine
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Carmen-core is a backend storage library for Carmen written in Rust. This repository contains both a Rust library (in rust-src) and a Javascript wrapper around that library (in index.js and native).



The latest stable version of Rust to build this project.

To install rust, follow instructions at .

To compile, run:

cargo build

To run Rust tests, run:

cargo test

JS bindings

As per above, the current stable Rust release must be installed to work on the Node bindings.

To get started, run:

yarn install

which will download all Javascript dependencies and, if one is available, download a prebuilt binary of the current version of the library from S3 for your platform.

If you make local changes, you can build locally using:

yarn build

Note that carmen-core requires node-gyp, which only works with python 2. If you use pyenv to manage python versions, the .python-version file checked into this repo should be sufficient. Otherwise, try the instructions in this comment (modified to use yarn):

brew install python@2
# follow the instructions printed after installing `python@2` to get python 2 on your PATH
# e.g. echo 'export PATH="/usr/local/opt/python@2/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.bashrc
yarn config set python python2.7

To run Javascript tests, run:

yarn test


This project includes script/, which publishes built binaries of the Javascript bindings of carmen-core. Generally, this script will be run automatically from Travis, and can be triggered with a special commit message.

Once you're ready to publish a binary (either a release or a development version):

  • If a release-ready version, merge your branch into master
  • Update the version number in package.json (for development versions, add a -[your-branch-name]-1 tag after the number)
  • Commit your changes with a commit message that includes [publish binary]
  • Push and wait for Travis to run; the Javascript builders should include information about publishing builds at the end of the build log


This project uses Criterion benchmarks. Criterion is a statistics-driven benchmarking library that generates visual reports with gnuplot. To enable the report generation, make sure you have gnuplot installed (brew install gnuplot on a mac).

To run benchmarks:

cargo bench

Html reports will be generated in target/criterion/report/index.html

Criterion will measure the statistical significance of the difference between two different bench runs, so to measure the impact of a change, you can checkout master, run a bench, and then check out a feature branch and run a bench. Note: the results are sensitive to other resource usage on your machine. For more accurate results, run in an isolated environment.

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