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Blazing fast tile based geocoder that matches cross street (road intersections) entirely sourced by OSM QA Tiles.
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Cross Street Indexer

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Blazing fast tile based geocoder that matches cross street (road intersections) entirely sourced by OSM QA Tiles.



  • Blazing fast 1/20th of a millisecond search (275,000 ops/sec)
  • Processed United States OSM QA Tiles in 24m 27s (189714 tiles)
  • Reads streaming index data
  • Easy to use CLI to create & search index
  • NodeJS 6 & 7 compatible
  • Only uses Tile Reduce + Turf
  • Indexes published on S3 buckets
  • Bundled 5MB QA-Tiles for testing purposes


  • Step 1: Filter data from QA-Tiles (lib/qa-tiles-filter.js)
  • Step 2: Extract road intersections from QA-Tiles (lib/intersections.js)
  • Step 3: Normalize street name ABBOT AVE. => abbot avenue (lib/normalize.js)
  • Step 4: Convert intersections into multiple points using a combination of road & ref tags (lib/geocoding-pairs).
  • Step 5: Group all hashes into single Quadkey JSON object (lib/reducer.js)
  • Step 6: Generate index cache from QA Tiles via CLI (bin/cross-street-indexer.js)
  • Step 7: Stream or read from disk index caches via CLI (bin/cross-street-search.js)
  • Step 8: Publish to S3 s3://cross-street-index/latest/<quadkey>.json

OSM QA Tiles

Users can download the entire planet or country extracts of OSM QA Tiles from




$ npm install --global cross-street-indexer


$ yarn global add cross-street-indexer


$ cross-street-indexer united_states_of_america.mbtiles
$ cross-street-search "Chester St" "ABBOT AVE."


Cross Street Indexer

$ cross-street-indexer --help

  Cross Street Indexer

    $ cross-street-indexer <qa-tiles>
    --output    [cross-street-index] Filepath to store outputs
    --bbox      Excludes QATiles by BBox
    --tiles     Excludes QATiles by an Array of Tiles
    --debug     [false] Enables DEBUG mode
    $ cross-street-indexer latest.planet.mbtiles
    $ cross-street-indexer latest.planet.mbtiles --tiles [[654,1584,12]]
    $ cross-street-indexer latest.planet.mbtiles --bbox [-122.519,37.629,-122.168,37.917]

Cross Street Search

$ cross-street-search --help

  Cross Street Indexer

    $ cross-street-search <name1> <name2>
    --output    [cross-street-index] filepath to Cross Street index output folder
    --tiles     Lookup index files via an Array of Tiles or Quadkeys
    --bbox      Lookup index files via BBox
    --latlng    Outputs LatLng instead of the default LngLat
    --stream    Enables reading from streaming index file (ignores tiles/bbox options)
    $ cross-street-search "Chester St" "ABBOT AVE."
    $ cross-street-search "Chester" "ABBOT"
    $ cross-street-search "Chester St" "ABBOT AVE." --tiles [[654,1584,12],[653,1585,12]]
    $ cross-street-search "Chester St" "ABBOT AVE." --tiles "023010221110,023010221110"
    $ cross-street-search "Chester St" "ABBOT AVE." --bbox [-122.5,37.6,-122.1,37.9]
    $ cat 023010221110.json | cross-street-search "Chester St" "ABBOT AVE."
    $ curl -s | cross-street-search "Chester St" "ABBOT AVE." --stream

Normalization Process

Normalization should follow the following standards:

  • Drop any period if exists
    • ave. => avenue
  • Street suffix to full name
    • ave => avenue
    • CIR => circle
    • ln => lane
    • HWY => highway
  • Name should be entirely lowercase
    • Parkside Avenue => parkside avenue
  • Direction to full word
    • N => north
    • S => south
    • NE => northeast
  • Numbered street names to Abbreviations
    • first => 1st
    • third => 3rd
    • ninth => 9th
    • fifth => 5th
  • Remove any additional information
    • rodeo avenue trail (dead end ford bikes--no bikes on 101) => rodeo avenue trail

Index -- JSON Lines

The Cross Street Index is stored in an easy to read key/value JSON Lines format.

  • key: Normalized road pairs (<name1>+<name2>)
  • value: Longitude & Latitude (Array<number>)
{"abbot avenue+chester street":[-122.457711,37.688544]}
{"chester street+abbot avenue":[-122.457711,37.688544]}
{"chester street+lisbon street":[-122.45821,37.68796]}
{"lisbon street+chester street":[-122.45821,37.68796]}
{"hoffman street+lisbon street":[-122.456764,37.687179]}

Index -- LevelDB

The LevelDB storage is very similar to the JSON Line format with & without the added Quadkey to the key.

  • key: Normalized road pair (<quadkey>+<name1>+<name2> or <name1>+<name2>)
  • value: Longitude & Latitude (String -- <lng>,<lat>)
"023010221110+abbot avenue+chester street" => "-122.457711,37.688544"
"023010221110+chester street+abbot avenue" => "-122.457711,37.688544"
"023010221110+chester street+lisbon street" => "-122.45821,37.68796"
"023010221110+lisbon street+chester street" => "-122.45821,37.68796"
"023010221110+hoffman street+lisbon street" => "-122.456764,37.687179"

Design Considerations

  • NodeJS Support 4 & 5 6 & 7
  • Multi-lingual tagging name:en & name:fr, etc...
  • Secondary Link breaking road intersections
  • Match road intersections with/without road suffixes:
    • abbot avenue+chester street
    • abbot+chester
    • abbot avenue+chester
    • abbot+chester street
  • Normalized Highways use short names:
    • HWY 417 => highway 417
    • Highway 417 => highway 417
    • ST 130 => st 130
    • CA 130 => ca 130
  • ?? Consider using ! instead of + as separator (less common to have a ! in a name)
  • ?? Consider using abbreviation suffixes:
    • Index cache file size reduced
    • Easier to normalize road names
    • Lowercross-street hashes combinations
    • Easier to match major highways
  • Add extra name to numbered highways ref & name ("CA 131" => ["ca 131", 131])
  • Add extra hash combination with the removal of street suffix (rodeo avenue => [rodeo avenue, rodeo])
  • Does not save empty z12 cross street indexes (reduces total number of files).
  • Extra \n at the bottom of the file (helps concatenate streams together).
  • Split name & ref code with ; into Array of names.
  • Search output has \n at the end (-122,37\n or -122,37)
  • Loops create conflicts if cross street is in the same z12 tile.
  • Turning Circles without any names are exclude.
  • Loading more than 1 index cache might result in loss of data, however these conflicts are very minimal (ex: only 0.2% conflicts using 4 San Francisco tiles)

OSM Attributes

  • name: Street name (Abbot Avenue)
  • ref Reference number normaly used to tag highways numbers
  • highway classification (residential, primary, secondary)
  • bridge yes/no
  • tunnel yes/no
  • @id OSM ID of street (way)


Including --debug will store additional files for each QA-Tile which can be helpful for debugging.

  • <output>/<levedb> - LevelDB of all cross streets combined
  • <output>/<quadkey>.json - Cross Street index cache
  • <output>/<quadkey>/highways.geojson - Highways only
  • <output>/<quadkey>/intersects.geojson - Point which intersect roads
  • <output>/<quadkey>/names.json - All unique names & ref
  • <output>/<quadkey>/stats.json - Debugging stats


	"tile": [
	"quadkey": "023010221110",
	"features": 49003,
	"lines": 2427,
	"intersects": 1921,
	"index": 3882


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