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Cloudformation stack for regularly backing up DynamoDB databases
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Cloudformation stack to create and manage a scheduled lambda function which triggers on-demand DynamoDB table backups. On-demand DynamoDB backups creates full table backups without interruption and which are automatically encrypted and catalogued. On-demand DynamoDB backups are retained until they are explicity deleted.


Before running this stack in your AWS account, you should first make sure:

  • A .zip package of this repository needs to exist on S3 in your account for the scheduling lambda function.
  • You must have already created the source database you want to back up.
  • (optional) As a convenience, we use cfn-config to deploy cloudformation stacks. It's not necessary though, as you can just use the aws cloudformation create CLI or the AWS CloudFormation API directly.


dynamodb-backups.template parameter description

  • GitSha - the gitsha of this repo you wish to deploy. cfn-config will automatically detect this for you, if you use cfn-config. This GitSha is used to fetch the correct version of the lambda zipfile bundle from S3.
  • TableName - name of the dynamodb table you wish to back up.
  • BackupSchedule - the desired backup schedule expressed as a CloudWatch rule schedule expression
  • AlarmEmail - email to send alarms to (including lambda failures).

Backup & Restore Process

The lambda function creates a full backup everyday, which can be found under the Backups tab in the DynamoDB console. To restore a backup, follow the instructions on the official documentation.

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