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Geobuf Changelog


  • Improved encoding of null values.
  • Fixed handling of null geometries.
  • Fixed a bug with not always preserving key order in properties.


  • Breaking: in Node, due to upgrade to pbf v3, encode will return UInt8Array instead of Buffer. You can use Buffer.from(arr) to convert the result to a Buffer.
  • Fixed a bug where FeatureCollection custom properties object wasn't encoded.


  • Breaking: removed TopoJSON support. It will likely branch out into a separate repo/project.
  • Breaking: changed encoding to not include the closing point of a polygon ring.
  • Fixed a bug with encoding single-ring single-polygon multipolygon.
  • Fixed a bug where floating point errors could sometimes accumulate, preventing proper roundtrip.

1.0.1 (Jan 13, 2015)

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes led to a freeze when encoding high-precision data.
  • json2geobuf and geobuf2json executables now also accept filename in addition to stdin

1.0.0 (Jan 11, 2015)

A complete redesign and rewrite of Geobuf. Most notable improvements:

  • 4-6 times smaller file sizes
  • 3-4 faster encoding and decoding
  • TopoJSON support
  • arbitrary and nested properties support
  • easier API (just encode and decode methods that accept any kind of data)

Note that it's not compatible with the previous version. Old Geobuf files will need to be decoded using version 0.2.2.