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FOSSA Status

A fast, simple editor for map data. Read more on Mapbox,

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You can interact with programmatically via URL parameters. Here is an example of geojson encoded into the URL:,%7B%22type%22%3A%22LineString%22%2C%22coordinates%22%3A%5B%5B0%2C0%5D%2C%5B10%2C10%5D%5D%7D

Full API documentation can be found in


  1. Clone this repository
  2. Install dependencies
  3. Run npm start

npm start uses concurrently to run live-server which will serve the project directory in your browser and listen for changes, rollup which will build the js and css bundles, and npx tailwindcss which builds css/tailwind_dist.css (including only the tailwind rules needed in the project)

rollup can take several seconds to build before changes appear in the browser.

If you get an error resolving dependencies related to rollup on newer versions of node, then try npm install --force and be sure to not commit changes to package-lock.json.

Production Build & Deployment

npm run build will create minified bundles in /dist. You can try out the production build with npm run serve which will run live-server.

To deploy to github pages, use npm run deploy. This will run the deploy script in, which creates a new orphan branch from the current branch, runs a production build, and force pushes to the gh-pages branch.


FOSSA Status