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Can this output retina images? #9

georgecoltart opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I noticed when on a retina display the source map is @2x but it exports a @1x.
I don't know enough about how canvas works but using this plugin would it be possible to output an @2x image?

thanks for your work on this it's great.


Yes, though right now I'm pausing all development since #8 is a blocker for this being useful.


@tmcw Could you point me in the right direction to get retina support going?


@tmcw Got it, thanks!


Hi @tmcw,
first off thanks for the tips about this.
I'm trying to implement the above, but I have a few questions. I am quite new to tiles, so apologies if these are dumb questions.
My understanding is that for a retina image, we need to display the same map but with double the amount of pixels - which is the reason for making the canvas 2x as large, which I have done.
I have tried a couple of ways of getting the higher resolution image, but with only limited success so far:
1 - change tileSize to 512 and adjust the tile calculations accordingly. If this is the correct approach, do I need to adjust the map bounds (from map.getPixelBounds()) or the tileJson bounds ( ?

You also mentioned that the Point math needs to be scaled by 2 - is that in the following lines: ?

2 - For each tile that is requested, is it also possible to request 4 tiles at next higher zoom level? This would create problems at the highest zoom level though so I guess it may not be a good option.

Anway, if it's possible to get a few more pointers on which values need adjusting it would be greatly appreciated. I'd be happy to contribute some work back into the project once I have it working.

thanks for any assistance you can provide!

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