Hospital Icon Violates the Geneva Convention #27

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Using the red cross symbol as an icon for hospital violates the Geneva Convention(1). It would be good to find a universal hospital/medical symbol that doesn't.


kkaefer commented May 12, 2012

Maki icons are defined by their shape; they do not come with colors preassigned.


@wonderchook thanks for bringing this to our attention, I'll consider revisiting the symbol. Do you have any suggestions for a better alternative that has the same level of recognition?

Google Maps uses the initial 'H'. This is problematic because such a symbol is dependent on language: it works for English, Spanish and French, but not German and then not for languages that aren't based on the latin alphabet. The caduceus is another alternative, but this is mostly only used in the US.

@kkaefer what does Germany usually use as the hospital symbol?

kkaefer commented May 13, 2012

In Germany, a red cross with a roof is used on road signs. The first aid road sign is also a red cross.


ISO 7001 has "Human figure in bed with cross to indicate medical care NOTE The cross may be substituted with another symbol appropriate to the culture of the using country.":


I don't see any better alternatives.

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