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Merging android-geojson #381

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#205 - Merging into master for better testing / usage.

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Hi Brad,

Some comments for the latest GeoJSON changes.

  • Now if someone wants to use a local geojson file, he has to use MapView.loadFromGeoJSONString and then implement himself the transformations to ui objects, as this code exists internal at LoadAndDisplay.doInBackground.
    So it's not possible to use the convenient polygon inner rings re-wind, which is available with GeoJSONPainter class, usable only with online geojson.

  • At GeoJSONPainter constructor a Marker parameter would be preferable, to be able to use local drawables also, besides online icons.

  • It would also be convenient if the 'title' property was parsed again (if exists) in order for the generated markers to have a title.

Cruiser - Atlas


Cool, let's see how this goes. I wasn't totally sure that the geojson parser was worth it, since it's yet-another intermediary format & parser, and punted on stuff like winding order. Mainly I am, like Emux, not totally comfortable with GeoJSON parsing being only available through an async & remote interface off of GeoJSONPainter - this seems like it should be a separate method that's shared.


Great feedback guys. I totally agree about making standalone access to the loading of GeoJSON. I originally was just bolting the geojson-android library as is into the existing source code to see how it went / kick the tires. I've created a new issue (#382) for these enhancements. Please feel free to add / edit the list.

FWIW, I'm going to keep the same package structure in the Mapbox Android SDK source code for the time being. If we like what it's doing we can then more easily separate it into it's own project and / or contribute it back to the original project.


Wow, needless to say I was surprised to see my code being merged into this SDK. I'm definitely :+1: for keeping the package structure and contributing back to my original project for now. Alternatively, I'm looking into making the library available via maven for gradle builds which should make this integration much easier and less copy and pasted.


Also, I'm a total legalese / licensing n00b, and please don't take this as me being greedy, but doesn't the MIT license require that attribution be given when using a given library or source?


Yeah - we need to have a copy of android-geojson's license in this repo.


@cocoahero I hope it's "Surprised, in a good way" vs "Surprised, in a bad / angry way". My hunch is that it's the former, but just wanted to be sure. Sometimes it's hard to tell in text. :-) Regardless we definitely want to be good citizens / do the right thing so please keep speaking up if we start straying from the path (the license comment is a perfect example of this).

As for integration, I'd personally much prefer to be able to pull in android-geojson as a library / dependency rather than direct source embed. I forked it on my personal GH awhile back to start the process of getting it into a state to be able to do this, but paused it while we kicked the tires on it in Mapbox SDK to see if it'd work for our needs. As mentioned in my issue on the android-geojson if it's available via Maven Central that'd be great. We're happy to help you get that setup.

Finally, thanks for creating your library. It's super helpful and I look forward to helping it improve it over time!

@tmcw tmcw referenced this pull request from a commit
@tmcw tmcw Note android-geojson license. Refs #381 dc9232d

Added the license & attribution for android-geojson to


@bleege It is most definitely in a good way. It's very humbling and exciting to know that a library that I wrote in boredom is being included in a large project such as this =)


Awesome @cocoahero ! Your work saved a lot of time on our end. Thanks for letting us use it!

@tmcw Thanks for getting the license updated so quickly!

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