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Bug fixes 🐞

  • Fix overwriting all feature ids while setting promoteIds on other layers with an object. (#12322) (h/t yongjun21)



  • Add unit option to number-format expression. (#11839) (h/t varna)

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Fix a bug where id expression didn't correctly handle a value of 0. (#12000)



  • Extend atmospheric fog with three new style specification properties: high-color, space-color and star-intensity to allow the design of atmosphere around the globe and night skies. (#11590)
  • Add a new line layer paint property in the style specification: line-trim-offset that can be used to create a custom fade out with improved update performance over line-gradient. (#11570)

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Add source field requirement to terrain exaggeration in the style specification. (#11664)


🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix error on gl-style-validate script. (#11538)
  • Allow the second argument to the in expression operator to be an empty string. (#11547)
  • Fix error on some valid filter expressions. (#11475)


Features and improvements

  • Improve coalesce expressions to return a ResolvedImage when images are missing. (#11371)


Features and improvements

  • Add a projection root property that allows a non-mercator projection to be set as a style's default projection. (#11124)
  • Add support for using ["pitch"] and ["distance-from-camera"] expressions within the filter of a symbol layer. (#10795)


Features and improvements

  • Added protected field to mapbox-api-supported validation. (#10968)


Features and improvements

  • Add support for text-writing-mode property when using symbol-placement: line text labels. (#10647)
    • Note: This change will bring following changes for CJK text block:
        1. For vertical CJK text, all the characters including Latin and Numbers will be vertically placed now. Previously, Latin and Numbers are horizontally placed.
        1. For horizontal CJK text, it may have a slight horizontal shift due to the anchor shift.


🐞 Bug fixes

  • Increase strictness of the style API validation for source types (#10779)
  • Remove strictly-increasing requirement for fog range validation (#10772)


Features and improvements

  • Add configurable fog as a root style specification (#10564)
  • Add support for data-driven expressions in line-dasharray and line-cap properties. (#10591)
  • Add support for data-driven text-line-height (#10612)


Features and improvements

  • Added array support to minimums and maximums, allowing for validation of multi-dimensional style-spec value constraints. (#10272)


🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where map.setStyle couldn't be used to enable terrain. (#10177)


Features and improvements

  • Add 3D terrain feature. All layer types and markers can now be extruded using the new terrain root level style-spec property or with the function map.setTerrain(). (#1489)
  • Add support for unlocked pitch up to 85° (previously 60°). (#3731)
  • Add a new sky layer acting as an infinite background above the horizon line. This layer can be used from the style-spec and has two types: atmospheric and gradient.


Features and improvements

  • Add a filter option for GeoJSON sources to filter out features prior to processing (e.g. before clustering). #9864


Features and improvements

  • Added volatile source property to control storing the tiles in local storage. (9702)

  • Added clusterMinPoints option for clustered GeoJSON sources that defines the minimum number of points to form a cluster. (#9748)


Features and improvements

  • Add distance expression to style-spec. This expression returns the shortest distance between a feature and an input geometry (#9655)


Features and improvements

  • Add index-of and slice expressions to search arrays and strings for the first occurrence of a specified value and return a section of the original array or string (#9450) (h/t lbutler)


Features and improvements

  • Expose expression.isExpressionFilter(..) from the bundle. (#9530)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix a broken module import where the style-spec package was importing files from mapbox-gl-js, it's parent repo, causing downstream build systems to break. (#9522)


Features and improvements

  • Add within expression for testing whether an evaluated feature lies within a given GeoJSON object (#9352). For example:
    "icon-opacity": ["case", ["==", ["within", "some-polygon"], true], 1, ["==", ["within", "some-polygon"], false], 0]
  • Improve scaling of patterns used in line-pattern on all device resolutions and pixel ratios (#9266)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Allow needle argument to in expression to be false (#9295)
  • Fix a bug where icon-image expression that evaluates to an empty string ('') produced a warning (#9380)
  • Prevent exception resulting from line-dash-array of empty length (#9385)


  • Update image expression SDK support table (#9228)
  • Fix promoteId for line layers (#9210, #9212)


Features and improvements

  • Add promoteId option to use a feature property as ID for feature state (#8987)
  • Update symbol-avoid-edges documentation regarding global collision detection (#9157)
  • Remove reference to in function which has been replaced by the in expression (#9102)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix bug where symbol-sort-key was not used for collisions that crossed tile boundaries (#9054)


🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix style validation error messages not being displayed (#9073)


Features and improvements

  • Add ability to insert images into text labels using an image expression within a format expression: "text-field": ["format", "Some text", ["image", "my-image"], "some more text"] (#8904)
  • Add in expression. It can check if a value is in an array (["in", value, array]) or a substring is in a string (["in", substring, string]) (#8876)
  • Add support for stretchable images (aka nine-part or nine-patch images). Stretchable images can be used with icon-text-fit to draw resized images with unstretched corners and borders. (#8997)
  • Add an es modules build of for mapbox-gl-style-spec in dist/ (#8247) (h/t ahocevar)



  • Rename Image type to ResolvedImage, to better represent the result of an image expression evaluation. (#8901)


  • Add image expression operator to determine image availability (#8684)
  • Add a style-spec function to validate that styles are compatible with the Mapbox API (#8663)


  • Introduce text-writing-mode symbol layer property to allow placing point labels vertically. #8399
  • Allow text-color to be used in formatted expressions to be able to draw different parts of a label in different colors. #8068
  • Improve conversion of legacy filters with duplicate values. #8542


🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix SDK support spec section for variable label placement (#8384) (h/t @pozdnyakov)

Features and improvements

  • Add SDK support spec section for text-radial-offset (#8401)
  • Add *-sort-key layout property for circle, fill, line (#8467)
  • Expose convertFilter API in the style specification (#8493)


🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix format expression options validation (#8339)
  • Fix SDK support information for style properties added in v13.7.0: (#8384)
    • Add missing SDK support section for text-radial-offset property
    • Assign SDK versions for text-variable-anchor and text-justify: auto


Features and improvements

  • Add text-radial-offset style property (#7596)
  • Add text-variable-anchor style property (#7596)
  • Add auto value to text-justify style property (#7596)


Features and improvements

  • Add clusterProperties option for aggregated cluster properties (#2412, fixed by #7584)
  • Add number-format expression (#7626)
  • Add symbol-sort-key style property (#7678)


Features and improvements

  • Flattens all expressions in converted filters (#7679)
  • Compatibility tables are updated (#7574)


Features and improvements

  • Tighten style validation
    • Disallow expressions as stop values (#7396)
    • Disallow feature-state expressions in filters (#7366)


🐛 Bug fixes

  • Expressions
    • Fix let expression stripping expected type during parsing (#7300, fixed by #7301)
    • Fix superfluous wrapping of literals in literal expression (#7336, fixed by #7337)
    • Allow calling to-color on values that are already of type Color (#7260)
    • Fix to-array for empty arrays ((#7261))
    • Fix identity functions for text-field when using formatted text (#7351)
    • Fix coercion of null to 0 in to-number expression (#7083, fixed by #7274)

Features and improvements

  • Add fill-extrusion-vertical-gradient property for controlling shading of fill extrusions (#5768, fixed by #6841)


🐛 Bug fixes

  • Update the style-spec's old gl-style-migrate script to include conversion of legacy functions and filters to their expression equivalents (#6927, fixed by #7095)

Features and improvements

  • Add symbol-z-order symbol layout property to style spec (#7219)
  • Implement data-driven styling support for *-pattern properties (#6289)


🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix broken module import in mapboxgl-style-spec (v13.0.1) (#6984, fixed by #6997)

Features and improvements

  • Improve formatting for style output (#7029)


Features and improvements

  • Add raster-resampling raster paint property (#6411) (h/t andrewharvey)
  • Add symbol-placement: line-center (#6821)


⚠️ Breaking changes

  • Align implicit type behavior of match expressions with with case/== (#6684)
  • Update spec so that documentation can automatically capture which functions and expressions can be used with which properties (#6521)

Features and improvements

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Use named exports for style-spec entrypoint module (#6601


Malformed package published to NPM.


⚠️ Breaking changes

  • The "to-string" expression operator now converts null to an empty string rather than to "null". #6534

Features and improvements

  • 🌈 Add line-gradient property #6303
  • Add collator expression for controlling case and diacritic sensitivity in string comparisons #6270
  • Add is-supported-script expression for determining if a script is supported. #6260
  • Add collator expression for controlling case and diacritic sensitivity in string comparisons #6270
  • Add abs, round, floor, and ceil expression operators #6496
  • Add support for Mapzen Terrarium tiles in raster-dem sources #6110

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix Rollup build 6575


🐛 Bug fixes

  • Update SDK support information for text-font, and heatmap-color, and hillshade layer properties.


Features and improvements

  • Avoid use of new Function for filters by converting old-style filters to expressions #5665.


⚠️ Breaking changes

  • Remove constants validating code #5885
  • "colorSpace": "hcl" now uses shortest-path interpolation for hue #5811

Features and improvements

  • Introduce client-side hillshading with raster-dem source type and hillshade layer type #5286
  • Add Color#toString and expose Color publicly #5866
  • Improve typing for == and != expressions #5840
  • Made coalesce expressions more useful #5755
  • Enable implicit type assertions for array types #5738

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Fix standalone browser build #5736, #5906
  • Handle NaN as input to step and interpolate expressions #5757
  • Fix style diffing for changes to GeoJSON sources #5745
  • Mark layer "type" property as required #5849


  • Remove support for validating and migrating v6 styles #5604
  • Remove support for validating v7 styles #5604
  • Remove spaces after commas in to-string representation of colors #5480
  • Fix bugs preventing mapbox-gl-style-spec package on NPM from being used externally #5502
  • Fix flow-typed interface generator #5478
  • Export function #5584
  • Export StylePropertySpecification type #5593
  • Split the source_tile entry in the JSON schema into source_vector and source_raster #5604

Validation Changes

  • Require that heatmap-color use expressions instead of stop functions #5624
  • Remove support for including {tokens} in expressions for text-field and icon-image #5599
  • Disallow interpolation in expressions for line-dasharray #5519
  • Validate that zoom expressions only appear at the top level of an expression #5609
  • Validate that step and interpolate expressions don't have any duplicate stops #5605
  • Split curve expression into step and interpolate expressions #5542
  • Validate expression values for enum-typed properties #5589
  • Improve validation to catch uses of deprecated function syntax #5667


  • Fix bug preventing @mapbox/mapbox-gl-style-spec package from being usable outside of mapbox-gl-js (#5502)


  • Add expression and heatmap layer support. See Mapbox GL JS v0.40.1 changelog entry for details.


  • Remove fast-stable-stringify dependency (#5152)


  • Fix validation error on categorical zoom-and-property functions (#4220)
  • Relax requirement that styles using "icon-image" must have a "sprite"
  • Prevent infinite loop in binarySearchForIndex when duplicate stops are present. (#4503)
  • Ensure generated composite function stops are in the correct order (#4509)
  • Update SDK support matrices to be current as of GL JS v0.35.1, iOS SDK v3.5.0, Android SDK 5.0.0
  • Remove support for implicitly-categorical functions
  • BREAKING CHANGE: the API for the function module has changed. The interpolated and piecewise-constant exports were replaced with a single unnamed export, a function which accepts an object conforming to the style spec "function" definition, and an object defining a style spec property. It handles color parsing and validation of feature values internally.
  • Functions now support a "default" property.
  • parseColor was promoted from gl-js.


  • Merge feature-filter repository into this repository #639


v8.0.0 styles are fully compatible with v8.10.0.

Style Specification Changes

  • Added colorSpace option to functions
  • Added fill-extrusion layer type
  • Add top-level light property
  • Remove increase maximum maxzoom to 24
  • Deprecate paint classes ⚠️
  • Increase strictness of function validation

Reference JSON & API Changes

  • Added deref utility
  • Added group_by_layout utility
  • Merge mapbox-gl-function repository into this repository


v8.0.0 styles are fully compatible with v8.9.0.

  • Added identity functions
  • Added auto value which represents the calculated default value


v8.0.0 styles are fully compatible with v8.8.1.

  • Fixed style validation for layers with invalid types


v8.0.0 styles are fully compatible with v8.8.0.

  • Clarified documentation around fill-opacity.
  • Update function documentation and validation for property functions.
  • Add text-pitch-alignment property.
  • Add icon-text-fit, icon-text-fit-padding properties.


v8.0.0 styles are fully compatible with v8.7.0.

  • Add support for has / !has operators.


v8.0.0 styles are fully compatible with v8.6.0.

  • Added support for zoom and feature driven functions.


v8.0.0 styles are fully compatible with v8.4.2.

  • Refactored style validator to expose more granular validation methods


v8.0.0 styles are fully compatible with v8.4.1.

  • Revert ramp validation checks that broke some styles.


v8.0.0 styles are fully compatible with v8.4.0.

  • Added cluster, clusterRadius, clusterMaxZoom GeoJSON source properties.


v8.0.0 styles are fully compatible with v8.3.0.

  • Added line-offset style property


v8.0.0 styles are fully compatible with v8.2.1.

  • Enforce that all layers that use a vector source specify a "source-layer"


v8.0.0 styles are fully compatible with v8.2.0.

  • Add inline example property.
  • Enforce that all style properties must have documentation in doc property.
  • Create minified style specs with doc and example properties removed.
  • validate now validates against minified style spec.
  • format now accepts space option to use with JSON.stringify.
  • Remove gl-style-spritify. Mapbox GL sprites are now created automatically by the Mapbox style APIs, or for hand-crafted styles, by spritezero-cli.


v8.0.0 styles are fully compatible with v8.1.0.

  • [BREAKING] Simplified layout/paint layer property types to more closely align with v7 types.
  • Fixed migration script compatibility with newer versions of Node.js and io.js
  • Removed constants from schema, they were deprecated in v8
  • Added style diff utility to generate semantic deltas between two stylesheets
  • Added visibility property to circle layer type
  • Added pitch property to stylesheet


Introduction of Mapbox GL style specification v8. To migrate a v7 style to v8, use the gl-style-migrate script as described in the README.

  • [BREAKING] The value of the text-font property is now an array of strings, rather than a single comma separated string.
  • [BREAKING] Renamed symbol-min-distance to symbol-spacing.
  • [BREAKING] Renamed background-image to background-pattern.
  • [BREAKING] Renamed line-image to line-pattern.
  • [BREAKING] Renamed fill-image to fill-pattern.
  • [BREAKING] Renamed the url property of the video source type to urls.
  • [BREAKING] Coordinates in video sources are now specified in [lon, lat] order.
  • [BREAKING] Removed text-max-size and icon-max-size properties; these are now calculated automatically.
  • [BREAKING] text-size and icon-size are now layout properties instead of paint properties.
  • [BREAKING] Constants are no longer supported. If you are editing styles by hand and want to use constants, you can use a preprocessing step with a tool like ScreeSS.
  • [BREAKING] The format for mapbox:// glyphs URLs has changed; you should now use mapbox://fonts/mapbox/{fontstack}/{range}.pbf.
  • [BREAKING] Reversed the priority of layers for calculating label placement: labels for layers that appear later in the style now have priority over earlier layers.
  • Added a new image source type.
  • Added a new circle layer type.
  • Default map center location can now be set in the style.
  • Added mapbox:// sprite URLs mapbox://sprite/{user | "mapbox"}/{id}


  • Added gl-style-composite script, for auto-compositing sources in a style.


  • Use JSON.stringify for formatting instead of js-beautify


Introduction of Mapbox GL style specification v7.

  • [BREAKING] Improve dashed lines (#234)
  • [BREAKING] Remove prerendered layers (#232)
  • Explicit visibility property (#212)
  • Functions for all properties (#237)

6.0.0 (Style spec v6)

Introduction of Mapbox GL style specification v6.

  • [BREAKING] New filter syntax (#178)
  • [BREAKING] Line gap property (#131)
  • [BREAKING] Remove dashes from min/max-zoom (#175)
  • [BREAKING] New layout/paint terminology (#166)
  • [BREAKING] Single text positioning property (#197)
  • Added requirements (#200)
  • Added minimum, maximum, and period values (#198)

0.0.5 (in progress)

  • [BREAKING] Switch to suffix for transition properties (transition-* -> *-transition).
  • Added support for remote, non-Mapbox TileJSON sources.
  • [BREAKING] Source minZoom and maxZoom renamed to minzoom and `maxzoom to match TileJSON.
  • Added support for mapbox:// glyph URLs.
  • [BREAKING] Renamed raster-fade to raster-fade-duration.
  • Added background-opacity property.
  • Added "tokens" property to string values that can autocomplete fields from layers
  • Added "units" property to describe value types

0.0.4 (Aug 8 2014)

  • Initial public release