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Changelog for Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS

Mapbox welcomes participation and contributions from everyone. Please read to get started.



  • When integrating this framework using CocoaPods, the included bcsymbolmap files are now preserved. If you have bitcode enabled and you are seeing incorrectly symbolicated crash logs, you should create a build phase in your Xcode project that copies these bcsymbolmap files to your app’s Products Directory when installing. (#12257)

Styles and rendering

  • Added an MGLRasterStyleLayer.rasterResamplingMode property for configuring how raster style layers are overscaled. (#12176)
  • -[MGLStyle localizeLabelsIntoLocale:] and -[NSExpression mgl_expressionLocalizedIntoLocale:] can automatically localize labels into Japanese or Korean based on the system’s language settings. (#12286)
  • The c and d options are supported within comparison predicates for case and diacritic insensitivity, respectively. (#12329)
  • Added the collator and resolved-locale expression operators to more precisely compare strings in style JSON. A subset of this functionality is available through predicate options when creating an NSPredicate. (#11869)
  • Fixed a crash when trying to parse expressions containing legacy filters. (#12263)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when creating an MGL_MATCH expression using non-expressions as arguments. (#12332)

Networking and storage

  • Improved caching performance. (#12072)

Other changes

  • Added -[MGLMapView camera:fittingShape:edgePadding:] and -[MGLMapView camera:fittingCoordinateBounds:edgePadding:] allowing you specify the pitch and direction for the calculated camera. (#12213)
  • Added -[MGLMapSnapshot coordinateForPoint:] that returns a map coordinate for a specified snapshot image point. (#12221)
  • Reduced memory usage when collision debug mode is disabled. (#12294)
  • Fixed a bug with annotation view touch handling when a non-zero centerOffset is specified. (#12234)

4.0.3 - June 22, 2018

  • Fixed a crash in -[MGLStyle localizeLabelsIntoLocale:] on iOS 9.x. (#12123)
  • Improved compatibility with Mapbox China APIs. (#11845)

4.1.0 - June 20, 2018


  • The minimum deployment target for this SDK is now iOS 9.0. (#11776)
  • Removed support for the Fabric distribution platform. (#12106)
  • Improved compatibility with Mapbox China APIs. (#11845)

Styles and rendering

  • Added support for aggregate expressions as input values to MGL_MATCH expressions. (#11866)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when style JSON contained an invalid filter containing an expression. (#12065)
  • Fixed a crash in -[MGLStyle localizeLabelsIntoLocale:] on iOS 9.x. (#12123)
  • Unknown tokens in URLs are now preserved, rather than replaced with an empty string. (#11787)
  • Fixed an issue preventing nested key path expressions from accessing the correct feature attributes. (#11959)
  • Fixed an issue where MGLSymbolStyleLayer flickered when straddling the antimeridian. (#11938)
  • Fixed an issue where certain MGLLineStyleLayer.lineDashPattern values produced unexpected rendering. (#12114)

Other changes

  • Adjusted when and how the camera transition update and finish callbacks are called, fixing recursion bugs. (#11614)
  • Fixed an issue where -[MGLMapViewDelegate mapView:tapOnCalloutForAnnotation:] was called when the user tapped on transparent areas beneath the standard callout view. (#11939)
  • Improved MGLMapView’s performance when the scale bar is shown. (#11921)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when reusing MGLMapSnapshotter or using multiple snapshotters at the same time. (#11831)
  • Fixed an issue where an empty MGLFeature array caused high CPU utilization. (#11985)
  • Improved offline download performance. (#11284)
  • Fixed an issue that caused -[MGLMapView visibleFeaturesAtPoint:] to return an empty array when adding or removing features. (#12076)
  • Improved application launch performance. (#11784)

4.0.2 - May 29, 2018

  • Fixed a crash when constant expressions were used for style properties that didn't support data-driven styling. (#11960)
  • Improved symbol querying. (#11571, #11742)

4.0.1 - May 14, 2018


  • Re-added support for 32-bit simulators (i386) to work around an issue in CocoaPods. (#11891)
  • Added a Korean localization. (#11792)

Style layers

  • Deprecated +[NSExpression featurePropertiesVariableExpression]; use +[NSExpression featureAttributesVariableExpression] instead. (#11748)
  • Added an -[NSPredicate(MGLAdditions) predicateWithMGLJSONObject:] method and NSPredicate.mgl_jsonExpressionObject property. (#11810)
  • Added FIRST, LAST, and SIZE symbolic array subscripting support to expressions. (#11770)
  • Inside an expression, casting nil to a string turns it into the empty string instead of the string "null". (#11904)
  • Fixed an issue where certain colors were being misrepresented in NSExpression obtained from MGLStyleLayer getters. (#11725)


  • Fixed an issue where selecting an onscreen annotation could move the map unintentionally. (#11731)
  • Fixed an issue where annotation views could become distorted if rotatesToMatchCamera was enabled. (#11817)
  • Fixed MGLAnnotationView.rotatesToMatchCamera overriding other transforms that might be applied to annotation views that had this property enabled. (#11842)
  • Fixed an issue where an MGLOverlay object straddling the antimeridian had an empty MGLOverlay.overlayBounds value. (#11783)

Other changes

  • If English is the first language listed in the user’s Preferred Languages setting, -[MGLStyle localizeLabelsIntoLocale:] no longer prioritizes other languages over English. (#11907)
  • Fixed an issue where -[MGLMapView metersPerPixelAtLatitude:] was removed, but not marked as unavailable. (#11765)
  • Reduced per-frame render CPU time. (#11811)

3.7.8 - May 7, 2018

  • Improved compatibility with Mapbox China APIs. (#11845)

3.7.7 - May 3, 2018

  • Fixed a crash when removing an MGLOfflinePack. (#11821)

4.0.0 - April 19, 2018

The 4.0.x series of releases will be the last to support iOS 8. The minimum iOS deployment version will increase to iOS 9.0 in a future release.


  • Removed support for 32-bit simulators. (#10962)
  • Added Danish, Hebrew, and European Portuguese localizations. (#10967, #11136, #11695)
  • Removed methods, properties, and constants that had been deprecated as of v3.7.6. (#11205, #11681)
  • Refined certain Swift interfaces by converting them from class methods to class properties. (#11674)
  • Revamped the “Adding Points to a Map” guide. (#11496)

Style layers

  • The layout and paint properties on subclasses of MGLStyleLayer are now of type NSExpression instead of MGLStyleValue. A new “Predicates and Expressions” guide provides an overview of the supported operators, which include arithmetic and conditional operators. (#10726)
  • A style can now display a heatmap layer that visualizes a point data distribution. You can customize the appearance at runtime using the MGLHeatmapStyleLayer class. (#11046)
  • A style can now display a smooth hillshading layer and customize its appearance at runtime using the MGLHillshadeStyleLayer class. Hillshading is based on a rasterized digital elevation model supplied by the MGLRasterDEMSource class. (#10642)
  • You can now set the MGLVectorStyleLayer.predicate property to a predicate that contains arithmetic and calls to built-in NSExpression functions. You may need to cast a feature attribute key to NSString or NSNumber before comparing it to a string or number. (#11587)
  • Replaced the MGLStyle.localizesLabels property with an -[MGLStyle localizeLabelsIntoLocale:] method that allows you to specify the language to localize into. Also added an -[NSExpression(MGLAdditions) mgl_expressionLocalizedIntoLocale:] method for localizing an individual value used with MGLSymbolStyleLayer.text. (#11651)
  • The MGLSymbolStyleLayer.textFontNames property can now depend on a feature’s attributes. (#10850)
  • Changes to the MGLStyleLayer.minimumZoomLevel and MGLStyleLayer.maximumZoomLevel properties take effect immediately. (#11399)

Content sources

  • Renamed MGLRasterSource to MGLRasterTileSource and MGLVectorSource to MGLVectorTileSource. (#11568)
  • Added an MGLComputedShapeSource class that allows applications to supply vector data to a style layer on a per-tile basis. (#9983)
  • Properties such as MGLSymbolStyleLayer.iconAllowsOverlap and MGLSymbolStyleLayer.iconIgnoresPlacement now account for symbols in other sources. (#10436)

Map rendering

  • Improved the reliability of collision detection between symbols near the edges of tiles, as well as between symbols when the map is tilted. It is no longer necessary to enable MGLSymbolStyleLayer.symbolAvoidsEdges to prevent symbols in adjacent tiles from overlapping with each other. (#10436)
  • Symbols can fade in and out as the map pans, rotates, or tilts. (#10436)
  • Fixed an issue preventing a dynamically-added MGLRasterStyleLayer from drawing until the map pans. (#10270)
  • Fixed an issue preventing MGLImageSources from drawing on the map when the map is zoomed in and tilted. (#10677)
  • Improved the sharpness of raster tiles on Retina displays. (#10984)
  • Fixed a crash parsing a malformed style. (#11001)
  • Reduced memory usage by clearing in-memory tile cache before entering background. (#11197)
  • Fixed an issue where symbols with empty labels would always be hidden. (#11206)
  • Fixed an issue where a tilted map could flicker while displaying rotating symbols. (#11488)
  • Increased the maximum width of labels by a factor of two. (#11508)


  • Changed the default value of MGLAnnotationView.scalesWithViewingDistance to NO, to improve performance. If your use case involves many annotation views, consider keeping this property disabled. (#11636)
  • Fixed an issue preventing MGLAnnotationImage.image from being updated. (#10372)
  • Improved performance of MGLAnnotationView-backed annotations that have scalesWithViewingDistance enabled. (#10951)
  • Fixed an issue where tapping a group of annotations may not have selected the nearest annotation. (#11438)
  • The MGLMapView.selectedAnnotations property (backed by -[MGLMapView setSelectedAnnotations:]) now selects annotations that are off-screen. (#9790)
  • The animated parameter to -[MGLMapView selectAnnotation:animated:] now controls whether the annotation and its callout are brought on-screen. If animated is NO then the annotation is selected if offscreen, but the map is not panned. Currently only point annotations are supported. Setting the MGLMapView.selectedAnnotations property now animates. (#3249)
  • Fixed a crash when rapidly adding and removing annotations. (#11551, #11575)
  • Marked protocol method -[MGLCalloutView presentCalloutFromRect:inView:constrainedToView:animated:] as unavailable. Use -[MGLCalloutView presentCalloutFromRect:inView:constrainedToRect:animated:] instead. (#11738)

Map snapshots

  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred when creating a map snapshot. (#10585)

Other changes

  • The -[MGLMapView convertRect:toCoordinateBoundsFromView:] method and the MGLMapView.visibleCoordinateBounds property’s getter now indicate that the coordinate bounds straddles the antimeridian by extending one side beyond ±180 degrees longitude. (#11265)
  • Feature querying results now account for the MGLSymbolStyleLayer.circleStrokeWidth property. (#10897)
  • Fixed an issue preventing labels from being transliterated when VoiceOver was enabled on iOS 10.x and below. (#10881)
  • Labels are now transliterated from more languages when VoiceOver is enabled. (#10881)
  • Long-pressing the attribution button causes the SDK’s version number to be displayed in the action sheet that appears. (#10650)
  • Reduced offline download sizes for styles with symbol layers that render only icons, and no text. (#11055)
  • Added haptic feedback that occurs when the user rotates the map to due north, configurable via MGLMapView.hapticFeedbackEnabled. (#10847)
  • Added MGLMapView.showsScale as the recommended way to show the scale bar. This property can be set directly in Interface Builder. (#11335)
  • Fixed an issue where the scale bar would not appear until the map had moved. (#11335)

3.7.6 - March 12, 2018

  • Fixed an issue where full-resolution tiles could fail to replace lower-resolution placeholders. (#11227)
  • Fixed an issue where tilesets with bounds that cover the entire world would fail to render. (#11425)
  • Fixed a memory leak in MGLMapSnapshotter. (#11193)
  • Fixed an issue where the pinch gesture could drift beyond bounds imposed by -[MGLMapViewDelegate mapView:shouldChangeFromCamera:toCamera:]. (#11423)
  • Improved the visibility of the heading indicator arrow. (#11337)

3.7.5 - February 16, 2018

  • Fixed an issue where requesting location services permission would trigger an unrecoverable loop. (#11229)

3.7.4 - February 12, 2018

  • Added the MGLTileSourceOptionTileCoordinateBounds option to create an MGLTileSource that only supplies tiles within a specific geographic bounding box. (#11141)
  • Fixed an issue that caused -[MGLMapSnapshotter pointForCoordinate:] to return the wrong point. (#11035)

3.7.3 - January 10, 2018

  • Fixed a crash while zooming while annotations are present on the map. (#10791)
  • CJK characters can be displayed in a locally installed font or a custom font bundled with the application, reducing map download times. Specify the font name using the MGLIdeographicFontFamilyName key in the application’s Info.plist file. (#10522)
  • Fixed a hang that could occur if the application makes many changes to user defaults immediately after launching. (#10803)

3.7.2 - December 21, 2017


  • Reduced the file size of the dSYM by removing the i386 architecture. Support for the i386 architecture (used by 32-bit simulators) will also be removed from the framework itself in a future release. (#10781)

Other changes

  • Fixed an issue where removing a MGLOpenGLStyleLayer from a map might result in a crash. (#10765)
  • Added documentation for usage of coordinate bounds that cross the anti-meridian. (#9804)
  • Removed duplicated variables in MGLMapSnapshotter. (#10702)

3.7.1 - December 6, 2017


  • Renamed this SDK from Mapbox iOS SDK to Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS. (#10610)


  • Fixed incorrect hit targets for MGLAnnotationImage-backed annotations that caused -[MGLMapViewDelegate mapView:didSelectAnnotation:] to be called unnecessarily. (#10538)

Other changes

  • Fixed an issue that caused MGLMapView.minimumZoomLevel to not be set. (#10596)

3.7.0 - Novemeber 13, 2017

Networking and storage

  • Added a new MGLMapSnapshotter class for capturing rendered map images from an MGLMapView’s camera. (#9891)
  • Reduced the time it takes to create new MGLMapView instances in some cases. (#9864)
  • Added support for forced cache revalidation that will eliminate flickering that was sometimes visible for certain types of tiles (e.g., traffic tiles). (#9670, #9103)
  • Improved the performance of the SDK when parsing vector tile data used to render the map. (#9312)


  • Added a new type of source, represented by the MGLImageSource class at runtime, that displays a georeferenced image. (#9110)
  • Setting a style using MGLMapView's styleURL property now smoothly transitions from the previous style to the new style and maintains equivalent layers and sources along with their identifiers. (#9256)
  • Added MGLCircleStyleLayer.circlePitchAlignment and MGLSymbolStyleLayer.iconPitchAlignment properties to control whether circles and symbols lie flat against a tilted map. (#9426, #9479)
  • Added an MGLSymbolStyleLayer.iconAnchor property to control where an icon is anchored. (#9849)
  • The maximumTextWidth and textLetterSpacing properties of MGLSymbolStyleLayer are now compatible with MGLSourceStyleFunctions and MGLCompositeStyleFunctions, allowing data-driven styling of these properties. (#9870)
  • The MGLSymbolStyleLayer.textAnchor, MGLSymbolStyleLayer.textJustification and MGLLineStyleLayer.lineJoin properties are now compatible with MGLSourceStyleFunctions and MGLCompositeStyleFunctions, allowing data-driven styling of these properties. (#9583)
  • Improved the legibility of labels that follow lines when the map is tilted. (#9009)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause flickering when a translucent raster style layer was present. (#9468)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause antialiasing between polygons on the same layer to fail if the fill layers used data-driven styling for the fill color. (#9699)
  • The previously deprecated support for style classes has been removed. For interface compatibility, the API methods remain, but they are now non-functional.


  • Fixed several bugs and performance issues related to the use of annotations backed by MGLAnnotationImage. The limits on the number and size of images and glyphs has been effectively eliminated and should now depend on hardware constraints. These fixes also apply to images used to represent icons in MGLSymbolStyleLayer. (#9213)
  • Added an overlays property to MGLMapView. (#8617)
  • Selecting an annotation no longer sets the user tracking mode to MGLUserTrackingModeNone. (#10094)
  • Added -[MGLMapView cameraThatFitsShape:direction:edgePadding:] to get a camera with zoom level and center coordinate computed to fit a shape. (#10107)
  • Added support selection of shape and polyline annotations.(#9984)
  • Fixed an issue where view annotations could be slightly misaligned. View annotation placement is now rounded to the nearest pixel. (#10219)
  • Fixed an issue where a shape annotation callout was not displayed if the centroid was not visible. (#10255)

User interaction

  • Users of VoiceOver can now swipe left and right to navigate among visible places, points of interest, and roads. (#9950)
  • Increased the default maximum zoom level from 20 to 22. (#9835)
  • Fixed an issue where the same value was passed in as the oldCamera and newCamera parameters to the -[MGLMapViewDelegate mapView:shouldChangeFromCamera:toCamera:] method. (#10433)

Other changes

  • Added a Bulgarian localization. (#10309)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause line label rendering glitches when the line geometry is projected to a point behind the plane of the camera. (#9865)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when using -[MGLMapView flyToCamera:completionHandler:] and related methods with zoom levels at or near the maximum value. (#9381)
  • Added -[MGLMapView showAttribution:] to allow custom attribution buttons to show the default attribution interface. (#10085)
  • Fixed a conflict between multiple copies of SMCalloutView in a project. (#10183)
  • Fixed a crash when enabling the scale bar in iOS 8. (#10241)

3.6.4 - September 25, 2017

  • Fixed an issue where stale (but still valid) map data could be ignored in offline mode. (#10012)

3.6.3 - September 15, 2017

  • Added the option to display an always-on heading indicator with the default user location annotation, controlled via the MGLMapView.showsUserHeadingIndicator property. (#9886)
  • Fixed an issue where user heading tracking mode would update too frequently. (#9845)
  • Added support for iOS 11 location usage descriptions. (#9869)
  • Fixed an issue where MGLUserLocation.location did not follow its documented initialization behavior. This property will now properly return nil until the user’s location has been determined. (#9639)
  • MGLMapView’s minimumZoomLevel and maximumZoomLevel properties are now available in Interface Builder’s Attributes inspector. (#9729)
  • Deprecated +[MGLStyle trafficDayStyleURL] and +[MGLStyle trafficNightStyleURL] with no replacement method. To use the Traffic Day and Traffic Night styles going forward, we recommend that you use the underlying URL. (#9918)
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when a map view's view controller was deallocated. (#9995)

3.6.2 - August 18, 2017

  • Added an MGLStyle.localizesLabels property, off by default, that localizes any Mapbox Streets–sourced symbol layer into the user’s preferred language. (#9582)
  • Added an additional camera method to MGLMapView that accepts an edge padding parameter. (#9651)
  • Fixed an issue with the scaling of the user location annotation’s horizontal accuracy indicator. (#9721)
  • Fixed an issue that caused -[MGLShapeSource featuresMatchingPredicate:] and -[MGLVectorSource featuresInSourceLayersWithIdentifiers:predicate:] to always return an empty array. (#9784)

3.6.1 - July 28, 2017

  • Reduced the size of the dynamic framework by optimizing symbol visibility. (#7604)
  • Fixed an issue where the attribution button would have its custom tint color reset when the map view received a tint color change notification, such as when an alert controller was presented. (#9598)
  • Improved the behavior of zoom gestures when the map reaches the minimum zoom limit. (#9626)
  • Fixed an issue where tilt gesture was triggered with two fingers aligned vertically and panning down. (#9571)
  • Bitcode symbol maps (.bcsymbolmap files) are now included with the dynamic framework. (#9613)

3.6.0 - June 29, 2017


  • Xcode 8.0 or higher is now recommended for using this SDK. (#8775)
  • Fixed an issue in the static framework where localizations would never load. (#9074)
  • Updated MGLMapView’s logo view to display the new Mapbox logo. (#8771, #8773)
  • Added a Hungarian localization. (#9347)


  • Added support for 3D extrusion of buildings and other polygonal features via the MGLFillExtrusionStyleLayer class and the fill-extrusion layer type in style JSON. (#8431)
  • MGLMapView and MGLTilePyramidOfflineRegion now default to version 10 of the Mapbox Streets style. Similarly, several style URL class methods of MGLStyle return URLs to version 10 styles. Unversioned variations of these methods are no longer deprecated. MGLStyleDefaultVersion should no longer be used with any style other than Streets. (#6301)
  • Added class methods to MGLStyle that correspond to the new Traffic Day and Traffic Night styles. (#6301)
  • MGLSymbolStyleLayer’s iconImageName, iconScale, textFontSize, textOffset, and textRotation properties can now be set to a source or composite function. (#8544, #8590, #8592, #8593)
  • Fixed an issue where setting the MGLVectorStyleLayer.predicate property failed to take effect if the relevant source was not in use by a visible layer at the time. (#8653)
  • Fixed an issue preventing programmatically added style layers from appearing in already cached tiles. (#8954)
  • Fixed an issue causing a composite function’s highest zoom level stop to be misinterpreted. (#8613, #8790)
  • Fixed an issue where re-adding a layer that had been previously removed from a style would reset its paint properties. Moved initializers for MGLTileSource, MGLStyleLayer, and MGLForegroundStyleLayer to their concrete subclasses; because these classes were already intended for initialization only via concrete subclasses, this should have no developer impact. (#8626)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when removing a source that was still being used by one or more style layers. Since this is a programming error, a warning is logged to the console instead. (#9129)
  • Feature querying results now account for any changes to a feature’s size caused by a source or composite style function. (#8665)
  • Fixed the behavior of composite functions that specify fractional zoom level stops. (#9289)
  • Letter spacing is now disabled in Arabic text so that ligatures are drawn correctly. (#9062)
  • Improved the performance of styles using source and composite style functions. (#9185, #9257)


  • Added a new initializer to MGLAnnotationView so that it is possible to create a new instance with an associated annotation object. (#9029)
  • Added a new rotatesToMatchCamera property to MGLAnnotationView that, when set to true, causes the annotation view to rotate along with the map's rotation angle giving the appearance that the annoation view is pinned to the map. (#9147)
  • Fixed an issue causing a view-backed annotation to disappear immediately instead of animating when the annotation’s coordinate property is set to a value outside the current viewport. (#8565)
  • Fixed an issue in which MGLMapView overrode the tint colors of its annotation views. (#8789)
  • Fixed an issue causing annotation views to persist in the map’s annotation container view even after their associated annotations were removed. (#9025)
  • The MGLPolyline.coordinate and MGLPolygon.coordinate properties now return the midpoint and centroid, respectively, instead of the first coordinate. (#8713)

User interaction

  • Added a scale bar to MGLMapView that indicates the scale of the map. (#7631)
  • Fixed an issue causing the map to go blank during a flight animation that travels a very short distance. (#9199)
  • Fixed an issue where gesture recognizers associated with map view interactivity were not disabled when their related interactions were disabled. (#8304)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Mapbox Telemetry confirmation dialog from appearing when opened from within a map view in a modal view controller. (#9027)
  • Corrected the size of MGLMapView’s compass. (#9060)
  • The Improve This Map button in the attribution action sheet now leads to a feedback tool that matches MGLMapView’s rotation and pitch. -[MGLAttributionInfo feedbackURLAtCenterCoordinate:zoomLevel:] no longer respects the feedback URL specified in TileJSON. (#9078)
  • -[MGLMapViewDelegate mapView:shouldChangeFromCamera:toCamera:] can now block any panning caused by a pinch gesture. (#9344)
  • If the user taps on the map while it is flying to the user’s location, the user dot no longer appears in the incorrect location. (#7916)
  • Improved the responsiveness of the tilt gesture by reducing the initial recognition delay. (#9386)

Other changes

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when accessing the MGLMultiPolygon.coordinate property. (#8713)
  • Fixed a crash or console spew when MGLMapView is initialized with a frame smaller than 64 points wide by 64 points tall. (#8562)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the compass and scale bar to underlap navigation and tab bars. (#7716)
  • The error passed into -[MGLMapViewDelegate mapViewDidFailLoadingMap:withError:] now includes a more specific description and failure reason. (#8418)
  • Improved CPU and battery performance while animating a tilted map’s camera in an area with many labels. (#9031)
  • Fixed an issue rendering polylines that contain duplicate vertices. (#8808)
  • Added struct boxing to MGLCoordinateSpan, MGLCoordinateBounds, MGLOfflinePackProgress, and MGLTransition. (#9343)

3.5.4 - May 9, 2017

  • Fixed an issue that caused view backed annotations to become detached from the map view during pan gestures combined with animations of annotation view size or when the annotation view had no size but contained subviews with a non-zero size. (#8926)

3.5.3 - May 2, 2017

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the attribution UIAlertController from showing in modal hierarchies. (#8837)

3.5.2 - April 7, 2017

  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when the user location annotation was presenting a callout view and the map was moved. (#8686)
  • This release was built with Xcode 8.3.1, which fixed a significant bitcode issue introduced in Xcode 8.3 that caused Mapbox iOS SDK 3.5.1 to be 2× larger than 3.5.0.

3.5.1 - April 5, 2017

  • Fixed an issue that caused the return type of a map view delegate method to bridge incorrectly to applications written in Swift. (#8541)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when calling -[MGLShapeSource featuresMatchingPredicate:] or -[MGLVectorSource featuresInSourceLayersWithIdentifiers:predicate:]. (#8553)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after adding view-backed annotations to the map. (#8513)
  • Renamed the “Data-Driven Styling” guide to “Using Style Functions at Runtime” and clarified the meaning of data-driven styling in the guide’s discussion of runtime style functions. (#8627)

3.5.0 - March 21, 2017


  • The minimum deployment target for this SDK is now iOS 8. (#8129)
  • Added support for the Carthage dependency manager. See our website for setup instructions. (#8257)
  • While running your application in the iOS Simulator, you will receive a notice in the console if a newer version of this SDK is available. (#8282)


  • Added support for right-to-left text and Arabic ligatures in labels. (#6984, #7123)
  • Improved the line wrapping behavior of point-placed labels, especially labels written in Chinese and Japanese. (#6828, #7446)
  • CJK characters now remain upright in vertically oriented labels that have line placement, such as road labels. (#7114)
  • Added Catalan, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese localizations. (#7316, #7899, #7999, #8113, #8256)


  • Added support for data-driven styling in the form of source and composite style functions. MGLStyleFunction is now an abstract class, with MGLCameraStyleFunction providing the behavior of MGLStyleFunction in previous releases. New MGLStyleFunction subclasses allow you to vary a style attribute by the values of attributes of features in the source. (#7596)
  • Added circleStrokeColor, circleStrokeWidth, and circleStrokeOpacity properties to MGLCircleStyleLayer and support for corresponding properties in style JSON files. (#7356)
  • Point-placed labels in symbol style layers are now placed at more optimal locations within polygons. (#7465)
  • Fixed flickering that occurred when manipulating a style layer. (#7616)
  • Symbol style layers can now render point collections (known as multipoints in GeoJSON). (#7445)
  • Added a transition property to MGLStyle to customize the timing of changes to style layers. (#7711)
  • Added properties to MGLStyleLayer subclasses to customize the timing of transitions between values of individual attributes. (#8225)
  • Fixed an issue causing lines and text labels toward the top of the map view to appear blurry when the map is tilted. (#7444)
  • Fixed incorrect interpolation of style functions in Boolean-typed style attributes. (#7526)
  • Removed support for the ref property in layers in style JSON files. (#7586)
  • Fixed an issue that collapsed consecutive newlines within text labels. (#7446)
  • Fixed artifacts when drawing particularly acute line joins. (#7786)
  • Fixed an issue in which a vector style layer predicate involving the $id key path would exclude all features from the layer. (#7989, #7971)
  • Fixed an issue causing vector style layer predicates to be evaluated as if each feature had a $type attribute of 1, 2, or 3. The $type key path can now be compared to Point, LineString, or Polygon, as described in the documentation. (#7971)
  • When setting an MGLShapeSource’s shape to an MGLFeature instance, any UIColor attribute value is now converted to the equivalent CSS string representation for use with MGLInterpolationModeIdentity in style functions. (#8025)
  • An exception is no longer thrown if layers or sources are removed from a style before they are added. (#7962)
  • Renamed MGLStyleConstantValue to MGLConstantStyleValue. For compatibility with previous releases, MGLStyleConstantValue is now an alias of MGLConstantStyleValue. (#8090)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching styles after adding an MGLSource to the style. (#8298)

Annotations and user interaction

  • Added a method to MGLMapViewDelegate, -mapView:shouldChangeFromCamera:toCamera:, that you can implement to restrict which parts the user can navigate to using gestures. (#5584)
  • Annotations are no longer deselected when the map is panned or zoomed, even if the annotation moves out of the visible bounds. (#8022)
  • Changing the coordinates of a point annotation no longer deselects the annotation. (#8269)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when point annotations were added and removed while simultaneously querying source features. (#8374)
  • Fixed an issue preventing MGLMapView from adding a polyline annotation with the same coordinates as a polygon annotation. (#8355)
  • Fixed an issue where translucent, non-view-backed point annotations along tile boundaries would be drawn darker than expected. (#6832)
  • Double-tap and two-finger tap gestures now zoom to the nearest integer zoom level. (#8027)
  • The MGLAnnotationView.annotation property is now read-write. (#8139)
  • Enabled the one-finger zoom gesture on iPad. To execute this gesture, tap twice; on second tap, hold your finger on the map and pan up to zoom in, or down to zoom out. (#8379)

Networking and offline maps

  • Offline pack notifications are now posted by MGLOfflinePack instances instead of the shared MGLOfflineStorage object. For backwards compatibility, the userInfo dictionary still indicates the pack’s state and progress. (#7952)
  • Fixed a memory leak in MGLMapView. (#7956)
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a cached style from appearing while the device is offline. (#7770)
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a style from loading when reestablishing a network connection. (#7902)
  • MGLOfflineStorage instances now support a delegate conforming to MGLOfflineStorageDelegate, which allows altering URLs before they are requested from the Internet. (#8084)

Other changes

  • Fixed an issue that, among other things, caused various islands to disappear at certain zoom levels. (#7621)
  • Added a method to MGLMapView that allows you to specify a predicate when querying for visible features. (#8256)
  • Fixed flickering that occurred when panning past the antimeridian. (#7574)
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused crashes when the SDK interacted with the file system in the background. (#8125)
  • Added a MGLDistanceFormatter class for formatting geographic distances. (#7888)
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the system location indicator to stay on in background after telemetry was disabled. (#7833)
  • Added support for predicates in rendered feature querying 8256
  • Added a nightly build of the dynamic framework. (#8337)

3.4.2 - February 21, 2017

This is the final scheduled version of the Mapbox iOS SDK that supports iOS 7. (#8129)

  • A programmatic change to an MGLMapView’s camera no longer resets the user tracking mode. (#7856)
  • Improved the performance of trivial camera animations. (#7125)
  • Added a guide detailing the built-in gesture recognizers and various ways to configure them. (#7937)

3.4.1 - January 25, 2017

  • Fixed a build error in the static framework flavor of this SDK caused by a missing header. (#7844)
  • Fixed an issue causing MGLMapView’s camera’s heading to be set to a negative value, indicating an undefined heading, when the map view faces northwest. The heading is now wrapped to between zero and 360 degrees, for consistency with MGLMapView’s direction property. (#7724)
  • Fixed an issue where MGLMapView could initially flash black before loading. (#7859)
  • Deprecated the style class methods in MGLStyle. (#7785)

3.4.0 - January 20, 2017


  • Xcode 7.3 or above is required for using this SDK. (#6059)
  • Clarified that the -ObjC linker flag is required for linking against the static framework distribution of this SDK. (#6213)
  • The API reference has a sharper look. (#7422)
  • Added documentation for the Info.plist keys used by this SDK. (#6833)

Styles and data

  • A new runtime styling API allows you to adjust the style and content of the base map dynamically. All the options available in Mapbox Studio are now exposed via MGLStyle and subclasses of MGLStyleLayer and MGLSource. (#5727)
  • MGLMapView’s styleURL property can now be set to an absolute file URL. (#6026)
  • When creating an MGLShapeSource, you can now specify options for clustering point features within the shape source. Similarly, GeoJSON sources specified by the stylesheet at design time can specify the cluster, clusterMaxZoom, and clusterRadius attributes. (#5724)
  • Added quadkey support and limited WMS support in raster tile URL templates. (#5628)
  • When creating an MGLTileSource, you can now specify that the tile URLs use TMS coordinates by setting MGLTileSourceOptionTileCoordinateSystem to MGLTileCoordinateSystemTMS. TileJSON files can specify "scheme": "tms". (#2270)
  • Fixed an issue causing abstract MGLMultiPointFeature objects to be returned in feature query results. Now concrete MGLPointCollectionFeature objects are returned. MGLMultiPointFeature is now an alias of MGLPointCollectionFeature. (#6742)
  • Fixed rendering artifacts and missing glyphs that occurred after viewing a large number of CJK characters on the map. (#5908)
  • -[MGLMapView resetPosition] now resets to the current style’s default center coordinates, zoom level, direction, and pitch, if specified. (#6127)
  • Fixed an issue where feature querying sometimes failed to return the expected features when the map was tilted. (#6773)
  • MGLFeature’s attributes and identifier properties are now writable. (#6728)
  • The action sheet that appears when tapping the information button in the bottom-right corner now lists the correct attribution for the current style. (#5999)
  • Added support for MGLSymbolStyleLayer’s textPitchAlignment property and the corresponding style JSON property for improved street label legibility on a tilted map. (#5288)
  • Added support for MGLSymbolStyleLayer’s iconTextFit and iconTextFitPadding properties and the corresponding style JSON properties, allowing the background of a shield to automatically resize to fit the shield’s text. (#5334)
  • Added support for MGLSymbolStyleLayer’s circlePitchScale property and the corresponding style JSON property, allowing circle features in a tilted base map to scale or remain the same size as the viewing distance changes. (#5576)
  • The identifier property of an MGLFeature may now be either a number or string. (#5514)
  • If MGLMapView is unable to obtain or parse a style, it now calls its delegate’s -mapViewDidFailLoadingMap:withError: method. (#6145)
  • Added the -[MGLMapViewDelegate mapView:didFinishLoadingStyle:] delegate method, which offers the earliest opportunity to modify the layout or appearance of the current style before the map view is displayed to the user. (#6636)
  • Fixed crashes that could occur when loading a malformed stylesheet. (#5736)
  • Fixed an issue causing stepwise zoom functions to be misinterpreted. (#6328)
  • A source’s tiles are no longer rendered when the map is outside the source’s supported zoom levels. (#6345)
  • Improved style parsing performance. (#6170)
  • Improved feature querying performance. (#6514)
  • Fixed an issue where shapes that cannot currently be visually represented as annotations were still shown on the map as point annotations. (#6764)

User location

  • The user dot now animates between user locations when user tracking is disabled. (#6215)
  • To customize the appearance of the user location annotation, subclass the newly added MGLUserLocationAnnotationView class and implement -[MGLMapViewDelegate mapView:viewForAnnotation:]. (#5882)
  • -[MGLMapView viewForAnnotation:] now returns the user location annotation view when given the user location annotation. (#6957)
  • Fixed an issue causing the user dot’s accuracy ring to wobble while zooming in and out. (#6019)
  • Heading accuracy indicator sizing has been changed to appear more precise. (#6120)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the map to not update to reflect the centerOffset when the user location was tracked. (#6216)


  • Added new methods to MGLMultiPoint for changing the vertices along a polyline annotation or the exterior of a polygon annotation. (#6565)
  • Added new APIs to MGLMapView to query for visible annotations. Combined with -[MGLMapView viewForAnnotation:], these APIs can be used to access all visible annotation views. (#6061)
  • Shape, feature, and annotation classes now conform to NSSecureCoding. (#6559)
  • Fixed an issue causing offscreen annotation views to be updated even when they were in the reuse queue. (#5987)
  • Fixed an issue preventing MGLAnnotationView from animating when its coordinate changes. (#6215)
  • Fixed an issue causing the wrong annotation view to be selected when tapping an annotation view with a center offset applied. (#5931)
  • Fixed an issue that assigned annotation views to polyline and polygon annotations. (#5770)
  • Fixed an issue causing the callout view to be dismissed when panning around. (#6676)
  • Per documentation, the first and last coordinates in an MGLPolygon must be identical in order for the polygon to draw correctly. The same is true for an MGLPolygon’s interior polygon. (#5514)
  • To make an MGLPolyline or MGLPolygon span the antimeridian, specify coordinates with longitudes greater than 180° or less than −180°. (#6088)
  • Various method arguments that are represented as C arrays of CLLocationCoordinate2D instances have been marked const to streamline bridging to Swift. (#7215)
  • Fixed an issue that caused an annotation view to disappear if it isn’t created using the annotation view reuse queue. (#6485)
  • Fixed an issue that could reset user-added transformations on annotation views. (#6166)
  • Improved the performance of relocating a non-view-backed point annotation by changing its coordinate property. (#5385)
  • Fixed an issue that caused an assertion failure if a MGLShapeCollection (a GeoJSON GeometryCollection) was created with an empty array of shapes. (#7632)
  • Improved the precision of annotations at zoom levels greater than 18. (#5517)

Networking and offline maps

  • Fixed an issue preventing an MGLMapView from loading tiles while an offline pack is downloading. (#6446)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the device is disconnected while downloading an offline pack. (#6293)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when encountering a rate-limit error in response to a network request. (#6223)
  • Fixed an issue causing an MGLOfflinePack’s progress to continue to update after calling -suspend. (#6186)
  • Fixed an issue preventing cached annotation images from displaying while the device is offline. (#6358)
  • Added support for an MGLMapboxAPIBaseURL key in an app's Info.plist in order to customize the base URL used for retrieving map data, styles, and other resources. (#6709)
  • Query parameters are no longer stripped from mapbox: URLs used as resource URLs. (#6182, #6432)
  • Database errors are now logged to the console. (#6291)

Other changes

  • Raster tiles such as those from Mapbox Satellite are now cached, eliminating flashing while panning back and forth. (#7091)
  • Improved the performance of symbol style layers. (#7025)
  • As the user zooms in, tiles from lower zoom levels are scaled up until tiles for higher zoom levels are loaded. (#5143)
  • Notification names and user info keys are now string enumeration values for ease of use in Swift. (#6794)
  • MGLMapDebugOverdrawVisualizationMask no longer has any effect in Release builds of the SDK. This debug mask has been disabled for performance reasons. (#5555)
  • Fixed a typo in the documentation for the MGLCompassDirectionFormatter class. (#5879)
  • The UITapGestureRecognizer on MGLMapView that is used for selecting annotations now fails if a tap does not select an annotation. (#7246)
  • Fixed issues related to the visibility of sources in viewports less than 512 pixels wide or tall. (#7438)

3.3.7 - November 17, 2016

  • This version is the same as 3.3.6 but it is built with Xcode 8 that produces a smaller binary. Developers using this version in Swift applications built with Xcode 7.3.1 should use the unstripped, *-symbols framework.

3.3.6 - November 9, 2016

  • Fixed a crash that occurred during low-memory situations when multiple instances of MGLMapView were in the view hierarchy. The speculative fix in v3.3.5 has been reverted. (#6972)

3.3.5 - November 2, 2016

  • Speculatively fixed an OpenGL rendering crash. (#6844)
  • Fixed an issue with symbols not being properly stripped from the dynamic framework. The dSYM file included with the standard dynamic framework in previous releases (e.g., or the Mapbox-iOS-SDK pod) could not be used to symbolicate crashes. (#6531)
  • Simulator architecture slices are included in the included dSYM file, allowing you to symbolicate crashes that occur in the Simulator. (#5740)
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when initializing an MGLMapView. (#5932)

3.3.4 - August 8, 2016

  • Fixed an issue that caused the user dot to be selected when tapping an annotation that lies within the user dot’s accuracy circle. First attempt was #5816 in v3.3.2, which excluded the pulsing halo but not the accuracy circle. (#5894)

3.3.3 - July 29, 2016

  • Fixed an issue where the style zoom levels were not respected when deciding when to render a layer. (#5811)

3.3.2 - July 28, 2016

  • Speculatively fixed a crash that occurred when initializing an MGLMapView on iOS 7.x. (#5791)
  • View-backed annotations no longer prevent the user from starting to pan the map. (#5813)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the user dot to be selected when tapping an annotation that lies within the user dot’s accuracy circle. (#5816)

3.3.1 - July 19, 2016

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a sprite URL lacks a file extension. See this comment to determine who may be affected by this bug. (#5723)
  • Fixed an issue causing overlapping polylines and polygons to be drawn in undefined z-order. Shapes are always drawn in the order they are added to the map, from the oldest on the bottom to the newest on the top. (#5710)
  • Fixed an issue preventing MGLMapView from changing its viewport when a single annotation was passed into -[MGLMapView showAnnotations:animated:]. (#5693)
  • Fixed an issue causing polyline and polygon annotations to disappear when the zoom level is one less than the maximum zoom level. (#5418)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a style or other resource URL has a query string. (#5554)
  • If you subclass MGLAnnotationView, your implementation of -setSelected:animated: is now called with the correct value in the animated parameter, making it possible to animate a deselection. (#5677)
  • The compass, Mapbox logo, and attribution button now accommodate the containing map view’s content insets. If your interface elements partially overlap the map view but do not affect the top and bottom layout guides, set the automaticallyAdjustsScrollViewInsets property to NO and set the contentInset property to a suitable value. (#5671)
  • Added a property to MGLOfflineStorage, countOfBytesCompleted, that indicates the disk space occupied by all cached and offline resources. (#5585)

3.3.0 - July 14, 2016

Styles and data

  • Added methods to MGLMapView for obtaining the underlying map data rendered by the current style, along with additional classes to represent complex geometry in that data. (#5110)
  • Improved performance viewing regions with large landcover polygons when viewing a style that uses the Mapbox Streets source. (#2444)
  • Fixed a memory leak when using raster resources. (#5141)
  • Rendering now occurs on the main thread, fixing a hang when calling -[MGLMapView styleURL] before the map view has fully loaded or while the application is in the background. (#2909)
  • Added a -reloadStyle: action to MGLMapView to force a reload of the current style. (#4728)
  • A more specific user agent string is now sent with style and tile requests. (#4012)
  • Added a new option to MGLMapDebugMaskOptions, MGLMapDebugOverdrawVisualizationMask, that highlights overlapping drawing operations instead of the usual rendered output. (#5403)


  • The compass, user dot, and visible annotations are now accessible to VoiceOver users. (#1496)
  • Added a method to MGLMapView, -anchorPointForGesture:, that you can override to anchor gestures at a point other than the user location. (#5302)
  • Added a property to MGLMapView, decelerationRate, that allows you to speed up or slow down the drift animation at the end of a user gesture. You can also use this property to disable the drift animation entirely. (#5504)
  • Improved responsiveness when zooming in then immediately panning around. (#4595)
  • Added a new method, -[MGLMapView cameraThatFitsCoordinateBounds:], to get a camera that you can pass into -setCamera: that fits the given coordinate bounds. (#4790)


  • MGLPointAnnotation and custom MGLAnnotation implementations (but not MGLMultiPoint) can be backed by an MGLAnnotationView instead of an MGLAnnotationImage. MGLAnnotationView is a subclass of UIView, so you can use Core Animation and other familiar technologies with it. To associate an MGLAnnotation with an MGLAnnotationView, implement -mapView:viewForAnnotation: in your MGLMapViewDelegate class. (#4801)
  • An MGLAnnotation can be relocated by changing its coordinate property in a KVO-compliant way. An MGLMultiPoint cannot be relocated. (#3835)
  • Setting the image property of an MGLAnnotationImage to nil resets it to the default red pin image and reclaims resources that can be used to customize additional annotations. (#3835)
  • An MGLPolygon can now have interior polygons, representing holes knocked out of the overall shape. (#5110)

User location

  • The user dot now moves smoothly between user location updates while user location tracking is disabled. (#1582)
  • Fixed an issue preventing KVO change notifications from being generated on MGLMapView’s userTrackingMode key path when -setUserTrackingMode:animated: is called. (#4724)
  • Fixed a crash setting MGLMapView’s userLocationVerticalAlignment property before a user location update has occurred. (#5278)
  • Mapbox Telemetry is automatically disabled while the host application is running in the iOS Simulator. (#4726)

Offline maps

  • MGLOfflinePackProgress now indicates how many tiles have been downloaded and how much space they take up. (#4874)
  • Fixed an issue where the tile cache could be included in iCloud backups on the first launch. (#5124, #5601)
  • Suppressed “Unable to make space for entry” console spew. (#4708)
  • Deprecated -[MGLMapView emptyMemoryCache]. (#4725)


  • Improved the design of the generated API documentation. (#5306)
  • Applications linking against the SDK static framework no longer need to add -ObjC to the Other Linker Flags (OTHER_LDFLAGS) build setting. If you previously added this flag solely for this SDK, removing the flag may potentially reduce the overall size of your application. (#4641)
  • Removed the armv7s slice from the SDK to reduce its size. iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c automatically use the armv7 slice instead. (#4641)
  • The SDK is now localizable. No localizations are currently provided, other than English, but if you need a particular localization, you can install the SDK manually and drop a .lproj folder into the framework. (#4783)
  • Removed unused SVG files from the SDK’s resource bundle. (#4641)

Other changes

  • Added category methods on NSValue for converting to and from the structure types defined in MGLGeometry.h. (#4802)
  • Added NSFormatter subclasses for converting geographic coordinates and directions into display strings. (#4802)
  • Added MGLCoordinateInCoordinateBounds(), a function that tests whether or not a coordinate is in a given bounds. (#5053)

3.2.3 - June 7, 2016

  • Fixed an issue preventing -[MGLMapViewDelegate mapViewDidFinishLoadingMap:] from being called when returning to the view controller containing the map view from another view controller. (#5164)
  • Declarations in the API documentation are shown in both Objective-C and Swift. (realm/jazzy#530)

3.2.2 - May 10, 2016

  • Existing MGLStyle class methods that return default style URLs have been deprecated in favor of new methods that require an explicit style version parameter. The deprecated, unversioned methods continue to return version 8 of the respective styles and will not be updated as new versions of the styles are released. (#4759)
  • Deprecated +[MGLStyle emeraldStyleURL] with no replacement method. To use the Emerald style going forward, we recommend that you use the underlying URL. (#4759)
  • Added +[MGLStyle outdoorsStyleURLWithVersion:] for the new Outdoors style. (#4759)
  • The Hybrid style is now called Satellite Streets. (#4759)

3.2.1 - April 20, 2016

  • Fixed a hang that could occur if the host application attempts to set user defaults on a background queue. (#4745)
  • User location heading updates now resume properly when an app becomes active again. (#4674)
  • Fixed an issue causing hyperlinks in the documentation to be displayed as raw Markdown syntax when viewed in Xcode’s Quick Help popover or sidebar. (#4760)

3.2.0 - April 5, 2016

  • If you’ve previously installed the SDK as a static framework, the installation workflow has changed to address issues when submitting your application to the App Store or installing it on a device. Upon upgrading to this version of the SDK, you’ll need to add Mapbox.bundle to the Copy Bundle Resources build phase and remove Mapbox.framework from the Embed Frameworks build phase. (#4455)
  • Offline packs can now be downloaded to allow users to view specific regions of the map offline. A new MGLOfflineStorage class provides APIs for managing MGLOfflinePacks. (#4221)
  • Tiles and other resources are cached in the same file that holds offline resources. The combined cache file is located in a subdirectory of the user’s Application Support directory, which means iOS will not delete the file when disk space runs low. (#4377)
  • Fixed an issue where the map view’s center would always be calculated as if the view occupied the entire screen. (#4504)
  • The user dot no longer disappears after panning the map across the antimeridian at low zoom levels. (#4275)
  • The map no longer recoils when panning quickly at low zoom levels. (#4214)
  • Fixed an issue causing the map to pan the wrong way when the user pinches unevenly. (#4427)
  • The maximum zoom level is capped at 21 due to rendering issues at higher zoom levels. (#4417)
  • An icon laid out along a line no longer appears if it would extend past the end of the line. Some one-way arrows no longer point the wrong way. (#3839)
  • Fixed warping of dashed lines near sharp corners. (#3914)
  • Telemetry location gathering now occurs only when the device is in motion. (#4115)
  • An account’s monthly active users metric only counts a user once a map view is displayed to that user. (#3713)
  • A .dSYM bundle is included with the dynamic framework to facilitate symbolication of crash logs.
  • Updated documentation to reflect the requirement that you must embed the dynamic framework in the “Embedded Binaries” section in Xcode. (#4011)
  • Polygons and polylines now default to using the map view’s tint color. (#4028)
  • The user dot no longer lags when panning the map. (#3683)
  • The Improve This Map tool now uses the same zoom level that is currently being shown in the map view. (#4068)
  • Fixed a formatting issue in the documentation for MGLCoordinateBoundsIsEmpty(). (#3958)

3.1.2 - February 22, 2016

  • You can once again install the static framework without manually linking several framework and library dependencies. (#4029)
  • The location manager used by MGLMapView to show the user’s location is now paused when the application is sent to the background. (#4034)

3.1.1 - February 15, 2016

  • Corrected the dynamic framework’s minimum deployment target to iOS 8.0. (#3872)
  • Fixed Fabric compatibility. (#3847)
  • Fixed a crash that can occur when reselecting an annotation. (#3881)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Latitude inspectable from working when it is set before setting the Zoom Level inspectable in Interface Builder. (#3886)
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly expanded the tappable area of an annotation and prevented the annotation’s alignment rect insets from having any effect on the tappable area. (#3898)
  • Fixed an issue preventing -[MGLMapViewDelegate mapView:tapOnCalloutForAnnotation:] from being called when a non-custom callout view is tapped. (#3875)

3.1.0 - February 5, 2016

  • The SDK is now distributed as a dynamic framework instead of a static library, resulting in a simpler installation workflow and significantly reduced download size. The framework contains both simulator and device content. If you install the dynamic framework manually, you’ll need to strip out the simulator content before submitting your application to the App Store due to an Xcode bug; see the installation instructions included with the framework for details. (#3183)
  • Fixed an issue causing the entire MGLMapView to leak. (#3448)
  • MGLMapView methods that alter the viewport now accept optional completion handlers. (#3090)
  • You can now modify an annotation’s image after adding the annotation to the map. (#3146)
  • Tapping now selects annotations more reliably. Tapping near the top of a large annotation image now selects that annotation. An annotation image’s alignment insets influence how far away the user can tap and still select the annotation. For example, if your annotation image has a large shadow, you can keep that shadow from being tappable by excluding it from the image’s alignment rect. (#3261)
  • Annotations remain visible after switching to a different style. (#3049)
  • The minimum and maximum zoom levels can now be configured using the minimumZoomLevel and maximumZoomLevel properties, respectively. The map is no longer limited to zoom level 18: by default, the maximum zoom level is now 20, allowing for a more detailed map in urban areas. (#3712)
  • A new method on MGLMapView, -flyToCamera:withDuration:completionHandler:, lets you transition between viewpoints along an arc as if by aircraft. (#3171, #3301)
  • MGLMapCamera’s altitude values now match those of MKMapCamera. (#3362)
  • MGLMapView properties like centerCoordinate and camera now offset the center to account for any translucent top or bottom bar. As a result, when user tracking is enabled and the map view is an immediate child of a view controller, the user dot is centered in the unobscured portion of the map view. To override this offset, modify the contentInset property; you may also need to set the containing view controller’s automaticallyAdjustsScrollViewInsets property to NO. (#3583)
  • In user tracking mode, the user dot stays in a fixed position within MGLMapView while the map pans smoothly. A new property, userLocationVerticalAlignment, determines the user dot’s fixed position. (#3589)
  • When the user tracking mode is set to MGLUserTrackingModeFollowWithCourse, an optional targetCoordinate is kept within sight at all times as the user changes location. This property, in conjunction with the userLocationVerticalAlignment property, may be useful for displaying the user’s progress toward a waypoint. (#3680)
  • Heading or course tracking mode can now be enabled as soon as an MGLMapView is initialized. (#3680)
  • Zooming and rotation gestures no longer disable user tracking mode. (#3589)
  • User tracking mode starts out at a lower zoom level by default. (#3589)
  • Fixed an issue with small map views not properly fitting annotations within bounds. (#3407)
  • When the user rotates the map to within 7° of true north, the map view now snaps to true north. (#3403)
  • The map view’s background can now be transparent or translucent, as long as the style’s background layer is transparent or translucent and MGLMapView.opaque is set to NO. (#3096)
  • Documentation is now generated by jazzy instead of appledoc. ♪♫ (#3203)
  • New API to provide a custom callout view to the map for annotations. (#3456)
  • Made telemetry on/off setting available in-app. (#3445)
  • Fixed an issue with users not being counted by Mapbox if they had disabled telemetry. (#3495)
  • Fixed crash caused by MGLAnnotationImage with non-integer width or height (#2198)
  • Fixed “include of non-modular header” errors in Swift projects managed by CocoaPods. (#3679)
  • Avoids triggering the blue background location status bar when user has granted "when in use" permission. (#3671)
  • Deprecated the debugActive property and -toggleDebug method on MGLMapView in favor of a new debugMask property that exposes individual style debugging options. (#3742)

3.0.1 - December 7, 2015

  • Fixed CoreTelephony.framework crash. (#3170)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the compass from responding to taps after the compass is moved programmatically. (#3117)
  • CocoaPods is now distributed via a (static) framework. (#3181)

3.0.0 - November 23, 2015

  • If you install this SDK via CocoaPods, CocoaPods version 0.38.0 or above is required. (#2132)
  • The styleID property has been removed from MGLMapView. Instead, set the styleURL property to an NSURL in the form mapbox://styles/STYLE_ID. If you previously set the style ID in Interface Builder’s Attributes inspector, delete the styleID entry from the User Defined Runtime Attributes section of the Identity inspector, then set the new “Style URL” inspectable to a value in the form mapbox://styles/STYLE_ID. (#2632)
  • Default styles such as Streets are no longer bundled with the SDK; instead, they are loaded at runtime from the style API on As always, you can use these default styles with any valid access token, and Streets continues to be MGLMapView’s initial style. The bundledStyleURLs property on MGLMapView has been deprecated in favor of several class methods on MGLStyle that provide direct access to the default styles. (#2746)
  • The SDK now builds with Bitcode enabled. A version of libMapbox.a with Bitcode disabled is also available. (#2332, #3003)
  • The style URL can be set to a local resource: asset://local-color.json and local-color.json both resolve to a file named local-color.json in the application’s root folder. (#3087)
  • The double-tap-drag gesture for zooming in and out is now consistent with the Google Maps SDK. (#2153)
  • A new MGLAnnotationImage.enabled property allows you to disable touch events on individual annotations. (#2501)
  • Fixed a rendering issue that caused one-way arrows along tile boundaries to point due east instead of in the direction of travel. (#2530)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented zoom level–dependent style properties from updating after zooming programmatically with animation. (#2951)
  • Performance and appearance improvements during annotation adds & removes. (#1688)
  • Overall improved performance during renders by not rendering faster than necessary. (#1975)
  • Fixed a rendering issue with styles that use the background-pattern property. (#2531)
  • Fixed a crash when reusing a single MGLMapView across multiple UIViewControllers. (#2969)
  • Fixed a crash on iPod touch and other devices or simulators without a cell carrier. (#2687)
  • Eliminated flickering when opening and closing an overlay, such as an alert or action sheet. (#2309)
  • Labels can now line wrap on hyphens and other punctuation. (#2598)
  • A new delegate callback was added for observing taps to annotation callout views. (#2596)
  • -mapViewRegionIsChanging: is now sent to the map view’s delegate during gestures. (#2700)
  • Improved gesture recognition while the map is tilted. (#2770)
  • -mapViewWillStartLoadingMap: and -mapViewDidFinishLoadingMap: delegate methods now work. (#2706)
  • Removed CoreTelephony.framework dependency. (#2581)
  • Improved user location annotation responsiveness. (#2643)

2.1.2 - September 15, 2015

  • Built with Xcode 6.4 to not yet trigger Bitcode compatibility until Xcode 7 stabilizes. (#2332)

2.1.1 - September 15, 2015

  • Fixes for Xcode 7 and Bitcode. (#2238)

2.1.0 - September 14, 2015

  • A two-finger vertical swipe now tilts the map into perspective mode. (#2116)
  • A new MGLMapCamera API allows you to transition multiple viewpoint properties, including rotation and pitch, simultaneously with an optional custom duration and timing function. (#2193)
  • A new user tracking mode, MGLUserTrackingModeFollowWithCourse, has been added for indicating the current direction of travel. (#2068)
  • Version 8 (v8) of the Mapbox GL style spec is now required. If you are using a custom v7 style, it needs to be upgraded using this migrator script. (#2052)
  • Applications built with Mapbox GL no longer crash when Location Services launches them in background mode. (#1821, #1869)
  • Fixed a crash when adding annotations to an MGLMapView inside -viewDidLoad. (#1874)
  • The user location annotation view now indicates the location reading’s accuracy and the device’s heading. (#2010)
  • Eliminated linker warnings and errors when building against the iOS 9.0 SDK in Xcode 7. (#1962)
  • Worked around a bug in the iOS 9.0 SDK that caused a crash on launch. (#1958)
  • User location tracking no longer sends MGLMapView into an invalid region on iOS 9. (#1925)
  • Eliminated console spew in the iOS demo application that was related to Mapbox Metrics HTTP requests. (#1937)
  • Implemented -[MGLMapView showAnnotations:animated:]. (#2050)
  • Fixed a crash adding a shape annotation with zero points. (#2098)
  • Debug mode now displays information useful for debugging the label collision algorithm. (#1808)
  • Minor style updates. (#1910)
  • The CocoaPods pod now contains a file. (#1886)

2.0.0 - August 21, 2015

Repackaging 2.0.0-pre.1 as it contained no issues.

2.0.0-pre.1 - August 21, 2015

Repackaging 0.5.1 as the Mapbox iOS SDK 2.0.0 series.

0.5.1 - July 13, 2015


  • Added support for CocoaPods 0.38.0. (#1876)

0.5.0 - July 9, 2015


  • Support for runtime marker imagery. (#941)
  • Added Map::fitBounds() for region-based viewport setting. (#1092)
  • Added a raster satellite bundled style and improved raster rendering. (#963)
  • Improved round line joins for semi-transparent lines. (#1839)
  • Improved map render lifecycle notifications. (#1026)
  • Fixed a bug that caused annotations not to show at zoom level zero. (#1279)
  • Fixed a bug with the ordering of shape layers. (#1866)
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • Breaking: Headers now make use of lightweight generics, eliminating many unnecessary casts when working with annotations in Swift 2.0 in Xcode 7. (#1711)
  • Breaking: -mapView:symbolNameForAnnotation: has been removed from the MGLMapViewDelegate protocol. Implement -mapView:imageForAnnotation: instead, which accepts images at runtime. (#941)
  • Breaking: MGLMapView.direction is now expressed in terms of degrees clockwise from true north, as indicated in the documentation, rather than counterclockwise. (#1789)
  • A Satellite style showing Mapbox Satellite imagery is now bundled with Mapbox GL. (#1845)
  • Improved UIView tracking to the map. (#1813)
  • Delegate method -[MGLMapViewDelegate mapView:didFailToLocateUserWithError:] now works. (#1608)
  • It is now possible to fit the map’s viewport to a coordinate bounding box via -[MGLMapView setVisibleCoordinateBounds:animated:] or to a specific set of coordinates via -[MGLMapView setVisibleCoordinates:count:edgePadding:animated:]. (#1783, #1795)
  • The logo and ℹ️ no longer disappear or get distorted after embedding MGLMapView in a different view, and you can now access these subviews directly via properties on MGLMapView. (#1779, #1815)
  • Raster tiles now look sharper midway between two zoom levels. (#1843)
  • Resetting the map rotation to north no longer also resets the user location tracking mode. (#1809)
  • -[MGLMapView convertPoint:toCoordinateFromView:] now returns accurate coordinates on iPhone 6. (#1827)
  • Fixed an issue in which -[MGLMapView direction] would sometimes return 360 instead of 0. (#1829)
  • Build against iOS 8.4. (#1868)

0.4.0 - June 19, 2015


  • Support for polyline and polygon shape annotations. (#1655)
  • Improved placement and density of labels. (#1666, blog)
  • Improved z-ordering appearance of point markers. (#988)
  • Fixed an issue in which certain features, such as roundabouts, were not rendered completely. (#1725)
  • Many bug fixes and performance and stability improvements.
  • Improved tests.


  • Breaking: MGLMapView no longer manages Mapbox access tokens directly; an access token cannot be passed in when initializing the map view. Instead, set MGLMapboxAccessToken to your access token in your app’s Info.plist file, or call +[MGLAccountManager setAccessToken:] before initializing the map view. If you were setting the access token inside an Interface Builder inspectable, also remove it from the User Defined Runtime Attributes section of the Identity inspector. (#1553)
  • Breaking: MGLAccountManager's -setMapboxMetricsEnabledSettingShownInApp: has been removed. If you implement a Mapbox Metrics switch inside your app, instead of inside a Settings bundle, set MGLMapboxMetricsEnabledSettingShownInApp to YES in the Info.plist file. (#1553)
  • Breaking: MGLMapView's -mapID has been renamed to -styleID. (#1561)
  • Headers have been audited for nullability, improving type safety in both Objective-C and Swift 1.2 when compiling with Xcode 6.3 or above. (#1578)
  • Fixed an issue in which the map would sometimes spin 180° while rotating the map with two fingers. (#1453)
  • Added a shortcut to the Mapbox Metrics switch in MGLMapView's action sheet that is attached to the ℹ️ button. (#1611)
  • MGLMapView now supports Interface Builder designables. When you add an MGLMapView to a storyboard, it displays instructions for getting set up directly on the storyboard canvas. (#1573)
  • The default title for the user location annotation is now “You Are Here”. You can customize the title by setting mapView.userAnnotation.title. (#1559)
  • Internal use of the Reachability library has been cleaned up so that your app can include its own copy of Reachability. (#1718)
  • Now distribute a binary stripped of debugging symbols by default with an optional, secondary symbols build. (#1650)

0.3.1 - May 15, 2015

  • Temporarily removed IBDesignable support on iOS.

0.3.0 - May 14, 2015

  • Initial iOS beta release.

Known issues:

  • None.