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@MapboxCI MapboxCI released this May 22, 2019 · 666 commits to master since this release

This release contains a bug in telemetry collection and has been superseded by 5.0.1.

Changes since Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS v4.11.0:

This release improves how monthly active users are counted. By upgrading to this release, you are opting into the changes outlined in this blog post and #14421.

There are no breaking API changes in this release.

Styles and rendering

  • Changed placement order of MGLSymbolStyleLayer to match the viewport-y order when MGLSymbolStyleLayer.symbolZOrder is set to MGLSymbolZOrderViewportY, allowing icons to overlap but not text. (#14486)

Other changes

  • Fixed an issue where -[MGLMapView setVisibleCoordinates:count:edgePadding:direction:duration:animationTimingFunction:completionHandler:] interpreted a negative direction as due north instead of maintaining the current direction. (#14575)

Documentation is available online or as part of the download.

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