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This version of the Mapbox Maps SDK for macOS corresponds to version 4.4.1 of the Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS. Changes since macos-v0.10.0:

Styles and rendering

  • When a symbol in an MGLSymbolStyleLayer has both an icon and text, both are shown or hidden together based on available space. (#12521)
  • Invalid values of MGLSymbolStyleLayer.textFontNames are treated as warnings instead of errors. (#12414)
  • Added an MGLLineStyleLayer.lineGradient property that can be used to define a gradient with which to color a line feature. (#12575)
  • The MGLLineStyleLayer.linePattern, MGLFillStyleLayer.fillPattern, and MGLFillStyleLayer.fillExtrusionPattern properties can now be set to expressions that refer to feature attributes. (#12284)
  • Reduced the amount of memory consumed by font data after changing the style. (#12414)
  • -[MGLShapeSource initWithIdentifier:shape:options:] and -[MGLComputedShapeSource setFeatures:inTileAtX:y:zoomLevel:] warn about possible attribute loss when passing in an MGLShapeCollection object. (#12625)
  • Added an MGLShapeSourceOptionLineDistanceMetrics option that enables or disables calculating line distance metrics. (#12604)
  • Fixed an issue where the cubic-bezier curve type for mgl_interpolate:withCurveType:parameters:stops: expressions was misinterpreted for some style layer properties. (#12826)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause symbols to fade in during pan operations instead of always showing when using MGLSymbolStyleLayer.iconAllowsOverlap or MGLSymbolStyleLayer.textAllowsOverlap properties. (#12698)

Offline maps

  • Added the MGLShapeOfflineRegion class for creating an offline pack that covers an arbitrary shape. (#11447)
  • Fixed crashes when offline storage encountered certain SQLite errors. (#12224)

Other changes

  • The -[MGLMapView annotationAtPoint:] method can now return annotations near tile boundaries at high zoom levels. (#12570)
  • Added an -[MGLMapViewDelegate mapView:shapeAnnotationIsEnabled:] method to specify whether an annotation is selectable. (#12352)
  • Fixed inconsistencies in exception naming. (#12583)
  • Fixed an issue where -[MGLMapView convertCoordinateBounds:toRectToView:] would return an empty CGRect if the bounds crossed the antimeridian. (#12758)

Documentation is available online or as part of the download.