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This version of the Mapbox Maps SDK for macOS corresponds to version 4.6.0 of the Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS. Changes since macos-v0.11.0:

Styles and rendering

  • MGLSymbolStyleLayer.text can now be set to rich text with varying fonts and text sizes. (#12624)
  • Added an MGLSymbolStyleLayer.symbolZOrder property for forcing point features in a symbol layer to be layered in the same order that they are specified in the layer’s associated source. (#12783)
  • Fixed a crash when the MGLBackgroundStyleLayer.backgroundPattern, MGLFillExtrusionStyleLayer.fillExtrusionPattern, MGLFillStyleLayer.fillPattern, or MGLLineStyleLayer.linePattern property evaluates to nil for a particular feature. (#12896)
  • Fixed a crash when using the MGL_LET, MGL_MATCH, MGL_IF, or MGL_FUNCTION functions without a colon inside an NSExpression or NSPredicate format string. (#13189)
  • Fixed a crash setting the MGLLineStyleLayer.lineGradient property to an expression containing the $lineProgress variable. Added an NSExpression.lineProgressVariableExpression class property that returns an expression for the $lineProgress variable. (#13192)
  • Fixed an issue where features in MGLFillStyleLayer and MGLLineStyleLayer would occasionally flicker when zooming in and out. (#12982)
  • Feature querying can now return point features represented by icons that have both the MGLSymbolStyleLayer.iconRotation and MGLSymbolStyleLayer.iconOffset properties applied. (#13105)
  • Fixed a crash when casting an NSColor to an NSColor inside an NSExpression. (#12864)
  • NIL cast to an NSNumber now evaluates to 0 inside an NSExpression. (#12864)
  • Fixed a crash when applying the to-array operator to an empty array inside a JSON expression. (#12864)
  • Added the MGLCollisionBehaviorPre4_0 Info.plist key to restore the collision detection behavior in version 0.6 of the SDK. (#12941)

Offline maps

  • Network requests by MGLMapView are now prioritized over offline pack downloads. (#13019)
  • Added -[MGLOfflineStorage addContentsOfFile:withCompletionHandler:] and -[MGLOfflineStorage addContentsOfURL:withCompletionHandler:] methods to add pregenerated offline packs to offline storage. (#12791)
  • Added the -[MGLOfflineStorage putResourceWithUrl:data:modified:expires:etag:mustRevalidate:] method to allow pre-warming of the ambient cache. (#13119)
  • Fixed an issue where some tiles were rendered incorrectly when the device was unable to connect to the Internet. (#12931)

Other changes

  • Added MGLAltitudeForZoomLevel() and MGLZoomLevelForAltitude() methods for converting between zoom levels used by MGLMapView and altitudes used by MGLMapCamera. (#12986)
  • Deprecated the +[MGLMapCamera cameraLookingAtCenterCoordinate:fromDistance:pitch:heading:] method in favor of +[MGLMapCamera cameraLookingAtCenterCoordinate:altitude:pitch:heading:] and +[MGLMapCamera cameraLookingAtCenterCoordinate:acrossDistance:pitch:heading:]. (#12966)
  • Fixed an issue where +[MGLMapCamera cameraLookingAtCenterCoordinate:fromEyeCoordinate:eyeAltitude:] created a camera looking from the wrong eye coordinate. (#12966)
  • Added an MGLMapCamera.viewingDistance property based on the existing MGLMapCamera.altitude property. (#12966)
  • Fixed an issue where the map view could not be panned after setting MGLMapView.visibleCoordinateBounds to a coordinate bounds that spanned exactly the longitudes −180° and 180°. (#13006)
  • Fixed an issue where -[MGLMapSnapshotter startWithQueue:completionHandler:] failed to call its completion handler in some cases. (#12355)
  • Fixed an issue where snapshots had the wrong heading and pitch. (#13123)
  • Fixed an issue where MGLMapView produced a designable error in Interface Builder storyboards in Xcode 10. (#12883)

Documentation is available online or as part of the download.