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Mapbox Maps SDK for macOS

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Put interactive, scalable world maps into your native Cocoa application with the Mapbox Maps SDK for macOS.

  • Mapbox-curated map styles and OpenStreetMap-based vector tiles make it easy to get started.
  • Customize every aspect of the map’s appearance in code or visually using Mapbox Studio.
  • High-performance OpenGL rendering and multitouch gestures keep your users happy.
  • A well-designed, fully documented API helps you stay productive.
  • Develop across multiple platforms, including iOS, using the same styles and similar APIs.

The Mapbox Maps SDK for macOS is compatible with macOS 10.10.0 and above for Cocoa applications developed in Objective-C, Swift, Interface Builder, or AppleScript. For hybrid applications, consider Mapbox GL JS.

Information for Mac developers:

Information for contributors:

Mapbox does not officially support the macOS SDK to the same extent as the iOS SDK; however, bug reports and pull requests are certainly welcome.