Prebuilt Mapbox GL styles for use in Mapbox GL JS or the Mapbox Mobile SDKs and as a starting point for custom maps built with Mapbox Studio
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This repository contains prebuilt Mapbox GL styles for use in Mapbox GL JS or the Mapbox Mobile SDKs and as a starting point for custom maps built with Mapbox Studio.

If you're looking for Mapbox Streets, Mapbox Satellite Streets, Mapbox Dark, Mapbox Light, or Mapbox Outdoors, see


A breaking release (x.0.0) is one that

  • changes the style's version field
  • removes or renames an icon
  • removes or changes a glyphs URL
  • removes or changes a source
  • removes or renames a style layer
  • changes the semantic meaning of a layer

A feature release (0.x.0) has no breaking-release changes and

  • makes any non-breaking change to styles
  • makes any non-breaking change to sprites
  • adds a new style
  • adds a new icon

A fix release (0.0.x) is one that has no feature-release changes and

  • fixes an invalid stylesheet or bad test


The following styles are provided:

Basic (basic-v8)

Simple and flexible starting template.

Bright (bright-v8)

Template for complex custom basemaps.

Satellite (satellite-v8)

A beautiful global satellite and aerial imagery layer.

Empty (empty-v8)

A blank slate. Build your own map from the ground up.

Standard icons

All styles (except Empty) include a standard set of Maki icons:

airfield-11 airfield-15
airport-11 airport-15
heliport-11 heliport-15
rocket-11 rocket-15
Mountain peak
mountain-11 mountain-15
volcano-11 volcano-15
bakery-11 bakery-15
bar-11 bar-15
beer-11 beer-15
cafe-11 cafe-15
fast-food-11 fast-food-15
ice-cream-11 ice-cream-15
restaurant-11 restaurant-15
college-11 college-15
school-11 school-15
alcohol-shop-11 alcohol-shop-15
amusement-park-11 amusement-park-15
aquarium-11 aquarium-15
art-gallery-11 art-gallery-15
attraction-11 attraction-15
bank-11 bank-15
bicycle-11 bicycle-15
bicycle-share-11 bicycle-share-15
car-11 car-15
castle-11 castle-15
cinema-11 cinema-15
circle-11 circle-15
circle-stroked-11 circle-stroked-15
clothing-store-11 clothing-store-15
drinking-water-11 drinking-water-15
embassy-11 embassy-15
fire-station-11 fire-station-15
fuel-11 fuel-15
grocery-11 grocery-15
harbor-11 harbor-15
information-11 information-15
laundry-11 laundry-15
library-11 library-15
lodging-11 lodging-15
marker-11 marker-15
monument-11 monument-15
museum-11 museum-15
music-11 music-15
place-of-worship-11 place-of-worship-15
police-11 police-15
post-11 post-15
prison-11 prison-15
religious-christian-11 religious-christian-15
religious-jewish-11 religious-jewish-15
religious-muslim-11 religious-muslim-15
shop-11 shop-15
stadium-11 stadium-15
star-11 star-15
suitcase-11 suitcase-15
swimming-11 swimming-15
theatre-11 theatre-15
toilet-11 toilet-15
town-hall-11 town-hall-15
triangle-11 triangle-15
triangle-stroked-11 triangle-stroked-15
veterinary-11 veterinary-15
dentist-11 dentist-15
doctor-11 doctor-15
hospital-11 hospital-15
pharmacy-11 pharmacy-15
campsite-11 campsite-15
cemetery-11 cemetery-15
dog-park-11 dog-park-15
garden-11 garden-15
golf-11 golf-15
park-11 park-15
picnic-site-11 picnic-site-15
playground-11 playground-15
zoo-11 zoo-15
bus-11 bus-15
ferry-11 ferry-15
Rail station
entrance-11 entrance-15
rail-11 rail-15
rail-light-11 rail-light-15
rail-metro-11 rail-metro-15


The preferred way to use these styles in Mapbox GL JS or the Mapbox Mobile SDKs is via a mapbox:// URL.


var map = new mapboxgl.Map({
    container: 'map',
    style: 'mapbox://styles/mapbox/streets-v8'


mapView = [[MGLMapView alloc] initWithFrame:self.view.bounds
                                   styleURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"mapbox://styles/mapbox/satellite-v8"]];


MapView mMapView = new MapView(context, "Access Token");