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DEPRECATED - Example app showing use of Mapbox technologies on native iOS.
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Latest commit 4083af4 Aug 19, 2015 @incanus incanus add SDK deprecation notice
We could always revert this in future if we update the project for GL.
For now, let's just send folks to our guides for good examples.

Mapbox iOS Example

The version of the Mapbox iOS SDK that this project is based on is deprecated. Please visit our mobile guides for examples of how to use Mapbox tools.

This is an example showing usage of the Mapbox iOS SDK for:

  1. Online tile sources (e.g., Mapbox Hosting) with RMMapboxSource
  2. Offline tile sources (MBTiles) with RMMBTilesSource
  3. Interactive tile sources of both types (example) with RMInteractiveSource

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