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Release Notes

Important Note: With this release, you must include the following snippet in your project’s build.gradle:

repositories {
    maven { url 'https://mapbox.bintray.com/mapbox' }

This will ensure the mapbox dependency is properly downloaded. We will be adding a snippet regarding this in the repo README as well.

This release breaks contains API breaking changes. Please consult this migration guide for the necessary updates required.

Core Navigation libandroid-navigation

  • We added a RouteProgressState that gives information about when a user has arrived, as well as a lot of other information given to us via the Navigator RouteState.
    • Example usage to detect when a user has arrived at the end of the given RouteLeg:
public void onProgressChange(Location location, RouteProgress routeProgress) {
  Integer currentState = routeProgress.currentState();
  if (currentState != null && currentState == RouteProgressState.ROUTE_ARRIVED) {
     // Arrived at the end of the leg!
  • Check out RouteProgressState to see the different types of state events you can receive.

Navigation UI libandroid-navigation-ui

  • We added an API that will allow custom map padding for the NavigationView. This is useful for scenarios where you would like to adjust the location icon’s position on the screen (like centered for an arial view):
// To center the location icon
int[] customPadding = {0, 0, 0, 0};
  • We added APIs to InstructionView and NavigationView to enable / disable the NavigationAlertView (enabled by default).
// To disable the NavigationAlertView
  • We added an NavigationView#initialize method that takes a CameraPosition to address the poor “fly-in” UX behavior (from starting the MapView at a world-view camera position):
CameraPosition initialPosition = new CameraPosition.Builder()
      .target(new LatLng(ORIGIN.latitude(), ORIGIN.longitude()))
navigationView.initialize(this, initialPosition);


  • Add RouteProgressState to RouteProgress for current Navigator information #1502
  • Remove LocationValidator and force last Location if found #1498
  • Update MapRouteProgressChangeListener to be aware of route visibility #1482
  • Remove MapboxNavigationOptions ignored by Navigator #1500
  • Check for valid geocoding response in ExamplePresenter #1499
  • Better clarify the Mapbox Navigator dependency #1496
  • Add example test Activity for Navigation Test Application #1317
  • Bump mapbox-navigation-native version to 3.3.1 #1495
  • Add Mapbox Navigator TOS to the license #1494
  • Bump Maps SDK and Events versions #1493
  • Resume simulation for multi leg routes #1490
  • Remove dynamic padding way name adjustment for MapWayname #1473
  • Remove unnecessary force first location update from route (origin) #1488
  • Add CameraPosition option for initializing NavigationView #1483
  • Rebuild RemoteViews for MapboxNavigationNotification on each update #1474
  • Update time remaining TextView to auto-size for longer durations #1479
  • Fix mock location generation in ReplayRouteLocationConverter #1476
  • Update Maps SDK to 6.6.2 #1475
  • Bump mapbox-navigation-native version to 3.2.1 #1470
  • Allow access to AlertView and the ability to enable or disable #1466
  • Update Transifex to latest German translations #1476