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Changes since v0.9.0:


  • Xcode 9 is required for building the navigation SDK or Core Navigation. (#786)
  • Added German and Dutch localizations. Help us speak your language! (#778)
  • To build and run the provided sample applications, you now have the option to create a plain text file named .mapbox containing a Mapbox access token and place it in your home folder. The SDK will read this file and automatically populate the MGLMapboxAccessToken of the Info.plist at build-time. (#817)

Instruction banner

  • Improved NavigationViewController’s layout on iPhone X. (#786, #816)
  • Refined the turn banner’s appearance. (#745, #788)
  • Added a reusable InstructionBannerView class that represents the turn banner. (#745)
  • Route shields are displayed inline with road or place names in InstructionBannerView. (#745)
  • When another step follows soon after the upcoming step, that subsequent step appears in a smaller banner beneath the main turn banner. (#819)


  • The map zooms in and out dynamically to show more of the road ahead. (#769, #781)
  • Replaced NavigationMapView.showRoute(_:) with NavigationMapView.showRoutes(_:legIndex:), which can show alternative routes on the map. (#789)
  • Added a NavigationMapViewDelegate.navigationMapView(_:didSelect:) method to respond to route selection on the map. (#789, #806)
  • Added a NavigationMapViewDelegate.navigationMapView(_:didSelect:) method to respond to waypoint selection on the map. (#806)
  • Fixed a bug preventing legs beyond the third waypoint from appearing. (#807)
  • Decreased the map’s animation frame rate for improved battery life. (#760)

Voice guidance

  • Spoken instructions are determined by Directions API responses. (#614)
  • When Polly is enabled, audio for spoken instructions is fetched over the network ahead of time, reducing latency. (#724, #768)
  • The NavigationViewController.annotatesSpokenInstructions property, disabled by default, makes it easier to see where instructions will be read aloud along the route for debugging purposes. (#727, #826)
  • Fixed an issue preventing PollyVoiceController from ducking background audio while the device is muted using the physical switch. (#805)

User location tracking

  • Fixed an issue causing poor user location tracking on iPhone X. (#833)
  • The user location indicator is more stable while snapped to the route line. (#754)
  • Renamed RouteController.checkForFasterRouteInBackground to RouteController.reroutesOpportunistically. (#826)
  • Added a RouteControllerOpportunisticReroutingInterval constant for configuring the interval between opportunistic rerouting attempts. (#826)


  • The NavigationViewController.recordsAudioFeedback property, disabled by default, allows the user to dictate feedback by long-pressing on a feedback item. This option requires the NSMicrophoneUsageDescription Info.plist option. (#719, #826)
  • Options in the feedback interface are easier to discern from each other. (#761)
  • Fixed an issue where the feedback interface appeared automatically after rerouting. (#749)
  • Rearranged the feedback options. (#770, #779)

Documentation is available online or within Xcode.