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Assets 2


  • Unpinned most dependencies to avoid various build issues introduced in v0.6.1. It is once again possible to use this SDK with the latest Mapbox iOS SDK. (#525)
  • Added Russian, Slovenian, and Ukrainian localizations. (#505, #542)

User interface

  • NavigationViewController and its map automatically switch between daytime and nighttime styles. (#519)
  • A banner appears when the device experiences weak GPS reception. (#490)
  • A banner also appears when simulation mode is enabled. (#521)
  • The time remaining in the bottom bar changes color based on the level of traffic congestion along the remaining route. (#403)
  • Added NavigationViewControllerDelegate.navigationMapView(_:viewFor:) for providing a custom user location annotation and/or destination annotation. (#498)
  • Moved various properties of Style to individual control classes. (#536)
  • Added properties to LaneArrowView for customizing the appearance of lane indicators. (#490)
  • Added a Style.statusBarStyle property for customizing the appearance of the status bar. (#512)
  • A shield now appears in the turn banner on Puerto Rico routes. (#529)
  • Fixed an issue preventing an arrow from appearing on the route line when the user swipes the turn banner to a future step. (#532)
  • Fixed an issue causing the shield in the turn banner to go blank when the user swipes the turn banner backward. (#506)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the camera to stutter when completing a maneuver. (#520)
  • Fixed an issue causing the turn banner to remain on a future step after tapping Resume. (#508)
  • Fixed an issue where the distance would sometimes be displayed as “0 mm”. (#517)
  • Fixed a missing less-than sign in the bottom bar when little time remains on the step or route. (#527)

Voice guidance

  • Fixed an issue causing Polly to misread abbreviations such as “CR” in route numbers and letters such as “N” in street names. (#552)
  • A tone is played when automatically switching to a faster route in the background. (#541)
  • Polly now pronounces Italian instructions using an Italian voice. (#542)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the SDK from falling back to AVFoundation when Polly is unavailable. (#544)
  • Improved the wording of various instructions in Swedish. (Project-OSRM/osrm-text-instructions#138)
  • The Spanish localization consistently uses usted form. (Project-OSRM/osrm-text-instructions#137)

Core Navigation

  • A new NavigationRouteOptions class makes it easier to request a route optimized for turn-by-turn navigation. (#531)
  • A trip can now consist of multiple legs. (#270)
  • Added SpokenInstructionFormatter and VisualInstructionFormatter classes for turning RouteSteps into strings appropriate for speech synthesis and display, respectively. (#456)
  • When the user is moving slowly, RouteController snaps the location and course to the route line more aggressively. (#540)
  • RouteController more aggressively snaps the user’s location to the route line at greater distances than before. (#551)
  • Added NavigationLocationManager.automaticallyUpdatesDesiredAccuracy to control whether the location manager’s desired accuracy changes based on the battery state. (#504)