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Changes since v0.7.0:

Location and guidance

  • Fixed an issue causing steps to be linked together too frequently. (#573)
  • On a freeway, an announcement is read aloud at ¼ mile ahead of a maneuver instead of ½ mile ahead. (#569)
  • Separate instructions are given for entering and exiting a roundabout. (#561)
  • Rerouting occurs more promptly when the user makes a wrong turn at an intersection. (#560)
  • More unreliable location updates are filtered out. (#579)
  • Improved how Polly pronounces some road names and numbers. (#618, #622)
  • Instructions are read by the higher-quality Alex voice if it is installed and Polly is unconfigured or unavailable. (#612)

User interface

  • Adjusted the night style to take effect closer to sunset. (#584)
  • Fixed an issue where the map bore a day style while the surrounding UI bore a night style. (#572)
  • Fixed an issue causing some elements on the map to disappear when switching styles. (#570)
  • Fixed an issue causing slight turns to look like regular turns in the turn banner. (#602)
  • Large, named roundabouts are symbolized as roundabouts instead of simple intersections in the turn banner. (#574)
  • Fixed an issue producing confusing lane arrows at a fork in the road. (#586)
  • The notification for a completed maneuver is removed as the user completes that step. (#577)
  • The distance in the turn banner changes at a more regular interval. (#626)
  • Updated the appearance of various controls in turn-by-turn mode. (#578, #587, #588, #591)
  • Arrows in the turn banner can have a different appearance than arrows in the step table. (#571)
  • Fixed overly aggressive abbreviation of road names in the turn banner. (#616)
  • Fixed an issue preventing road names in the turn banner from being abbreviated when certain punctuation was present. (#618)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when an attempt to calculate a new route failed. (#585)
  • Fixed an issue preventing the estimated arrival time from being updated as the user is stuck in traffic. (#595)
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when starting turn-by-turn navigation. (#607)
  • Fixed a flash that occurred when rerouting. (#605)
  • Fixed memory leaks. (#609, #628)

Other changes

  • Fixed strings in the Hungarian, Swedish, and Vietnamese localizations that had reverted to English. (#619)
  • Updated translations in Catalan, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Vietnamese. (#619)
  • Added methods to NavigationViewControllerDelegate that indicate when the user is sending feedback. (#599)
  • Fixed an issue where DistanceFormatter.string(fromMeters:) used the wrong units. (#613)

Documentation is available online or within Xcode.