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Changes since v0.8.3:

  • NavigationMapView uses a custom course tracking mode created from the ground up. The view representing the user’s location (the “user puck”) is larger and easier to see at a glance, and it continues to point in the user’s direction of travel even in Overview mode. To customize the user puck, use the NavigationMapView.userCourseView property. (#402)
  • Fixed an issue causing the user puck to slide downward from the center of the screen when beginning a new route. (#402)
  • You can customize the user puck’s location on screen by implementing the NavigationViewControllerDelegate.navigationViewController(_:mapViewUserAnchorPoint:) method. (#402)
  • Improved user course snapping while not moving. (#718)
  • Throttled the map’s frame rate while the device is unplugged. (#709)
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Rerouting” banner to persist even after a new route is received. (#707)
  • A local user notification is no longer posted when rerouting. (#708)

Documentation is available online or within Xcode.