Experimental plugins to supercharge your maps ⚡️
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Experimental plugins to supercharge your maps ⚡️

Plugins allow users to easily add features to their Mapbox maps. Plugins are focused on one feature, and designed to be simple to use.

Available Plugins

  • Traffic - Add a traffic layer to your Mapbox basemap .

Using Test App

Test out Mapbox Plugins in the TestApp.

  1. Run pod update to install the Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS.

  2. Create a text file called mapbox_access_token and add your Mapbox Access token to it.

Installing Plugins

There are currently two ways to install Mapbox Plugins:

  1. CocoaPods

To install all Mapbox Plugins, add the following to your Podfile:

  target 'YourAppName' do
  `pod MapboxPlugins`

To only install the Mapbox Traffic Plugin, replace pod MapboxPlugins with pod MapboxPlugins/Traffic. Note that the CocoaPod does include Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS v3.6 as a dependency, and should update to the latest patch release of v3.6 when you run pod update.

  1. If you prefer not to use CocoaPods, copy the files for the plugin that you would like to use into your project. You will need to use a bridging header if your project is written in Swift.

Carthage support is coming soon.

Additional Support

Plugins are intended to be easy to use. If you see any issues related to Mapbox plugins, please open a ticket with steps to reproduce the issue.

For questions related to the Mapbox Maps SDK for iOS, please visit https://www.mapbox.com/help/