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tm2 screencast #89

ryantroyford opened this Issue Dec 20, 2013 · 5 comments

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@nickidlugash @gundersen

we're gonna make a screencast to show off tm2 and blow people's minds.

a few thoughts right off the bat:

  • this isn't a walkthrough or instructional video. it should be fast and exciting. think of it like a tm2 demo reel with a little more behind-the-scenes stuff.
  • we need to choose our coolest maps. from ian's wheatpaste map to AJ's pencil map to the clean-but-unique financial times stuff.
  • as @gundersen mentioned to me, nobody knows you can do most of this stuff with tm2. we need to approach it with the intent of informing, while still keeping it rad.
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Basically a version of @ajashton screencast:, but focused just on SF, custom fonts, something really unique w/ patterns.


The majesty of Spokane, the thrill of Topeka . . .


The lake of Oakland

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incanus commented Dec 26, 2013

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