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Secret-shield enabled Swift version Platform support

Mapbox Vision SDK

Table of contents


The current repository is a part of Mapbox Vision SDK.

Mapbox Vision SDK provides developers with cutting-edge AI and AR tools to build better driving experiences. It’s smart enough to understand the road, yet lean enough to run on devices that billions of drivers use everyday.

The key features are:

  • Navigation in augemented reality;
  • Scene segmentation;
  • Sign detection;
  • Safety alerts;
  • Object detection;
  • Lane detection.

Getting Started


The Vision SDK for iOS is written in Swift 4.2 and can be used with:

  • iOS 11.2 and higher;
  • iPhone 6s or newer.

You can find all requirements at Documentation page.

Installation process

To set up the Vision SDK you will need to download the SDK, install the frameworks relevant to your project, and complete a few configuration steps. You can find all details at Documentation page.


The lastest version of documentation is available at Vision's page.


We use secret-shield tool which runs as a pre-commit hook. In order to enable it you should install it with:

npm install -g @mapbox/secret-shield

Then you have to add a pre-commit git hook. The simplest option is to copy the following script into a mapbox-vision-ios/.git/hooks/pre-commit:

secret-shield --pre-commit -C verydeep --enable "Mapbox Public Key" --disable "High-entropy base64 string" "Short high-entropy string" "Long high-entropy string"

Don't forget to make it executable:

chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit

As an option you can Integrate hook via git hooks manager (like Husky or Komondor). More information about installation is available here.

Code of conduct

Everyone is invited to participate in Mapbox's open source projects and public discussions: we want to create a welcoming and friendly environment. Harassment of participants or other unethical and unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated in our spaces.

The Contributor Covenant applies to all projects under the Mapbox organization whether they explicitly include the Contributor Covenant's or not.


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on repository.

Changes in repository is in sync with changes in Vision Core library (which is under-the-hood of Vision SDK).


For details, read LICENSE file.

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