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Area of Polygon #10

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Add a micro plugin to show the Area of a Polygon when drawing.

This would be useful for e.g. agriculture purposes. Draw a shape and know how many acres that is. (area of a field, lake, ...)

PS: This would need to be projection aware areas. (e.g. currently drawing a circle does not draw a circle on the "ground" -- it does not take into account the distortion due to projection--)

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See - would appreciate some tire-kicking of it

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@tmcw nice to flag this. @brunosan if you get this working I could see this being a hot little micro-site that lets us talk to agg folks.


Thanks @tmcw .

Little time spent so far, but I´m going to jump to other things, so posting what I have:

function polygonArea(X, Y, numPoints) 
  area = 0;         // Accumulates area in the loop
  j = numPoints-1;  // The last vertex is the 'previous' one to the first

  for (i=0; i<numPoints; i++)
    { area = area +  (X[j]+X[i]) * (Y[j]-Y[i]); 
      j = i;  //j is previous vertex to i
  return area/2;
map.on('draw:created', function (e) {
        var type = e.layerType,
            layer = e.layer;
            if (type === 'polygon') 
                var area = L.GeometryUtil.geodesicArea(layer.getLatLngs())


  • This seems a planar area (might be ok for now since our first usage is for high res agriculture).
  • Unsure if this covers circumferences. But in such case again restrict to planar, or learn here.
  • Not sure about the units. If pixels, then is just to multiply using the "z-> resolution" chart
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The lower-level area implementation is in - it is geodesic & should correctly handle polygons with holes

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