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This is the Mapbox Javascript API, version 2.x. It's built as a Leaflet plugin. You can read about its launch.


Managed as Markdown in, following the standards in



Recommended usage is via the Mapbox CDN, with code snippets available on the official documentation page

The mapbox.js file includes the Leaflet library. Alternatively, you can use mapbox.standalone.js, which does not include Leaflet (you will have to provide it yourself).

See the API documentation and Examples for further help.

Usage with Browserify

Install the mapbox.js module and add it to dependencies in package.json:

npm install mapbox.js --save

Require mapbox in your script:

// main.js

require('mapbox.js'); // <-- auto-attaches to window.L

Browserify it:

browserify main.js -o bundle.js

Usage with Bower

You can install mapbox.js with bower by running

bower install mapbox.js

Usage as Download

You can download a built release at the mapbox.js-bower repository.


Requires node.js installed on your system.

git clone
cd mapbox.js
npm install

This project uses browserify to combine dependencies and installs a local copy when you run npm install. make will build the project in dist/.


Test with phantomjs:

npm test

To test in a browser, run a local development server and go to /test.

Version v0.x.x

Version v0.x.x can be accessed in the v0 branch..

Editing Icons


  1. Make edits to theme/images/icons.svg.
  2. Run ./theme/images/ to update sprites from your edits.
  3. Add a CSS reference with the appropriate pixel coordinate if adding a new icon.