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A JavaScript library for real-time terrain mesh generation
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MARTINI stands for Mapbox's Awesome Right-Triangulated Irregular Networks, Improved.

It's an experimental JavaScript library for real-time terrain mesh generation from height data. Given a (2k+1) × (2k+1) terrain grid, it generates a hierarchy of triangular meshes of varying level of detail in milliseconds. A work in progress.

See the algorithm in action and read more about how it works in this interactive Observable notebook.

Based on the paper "Right-Triangulated Irregular Networks" by Will Evans et. al. (1997).

MARTINI terrain demo


// set up mesh generator for a certain 2^k+1 grid size
const martini = new Martini(257);

// generate RTIN hierarchy from terrain data (an array of size^2 length)
const tile = martini.createTile(terrain);

// get a mesh (vertices and triangles indices) for a 10m error
const mesh = tile.getMesh(10);


npm install @mapbox/martini
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