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Should mb-util create JSON files for tiles that don't exist? #32

Schwanksta opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Right now, mb-util creates many more JSON files than tiles. We could move the grid output code up to the tile output code so we only output a grid file if there is a tile. Does that sound like something worth a patch?


Yeah, makes sense, can you write this?


Shouldn't be too complicated. I'll play with it later.


Would love to see this happen -- well over half my export/upload time is blank grids a lot of the time.


PRs accepted here - this is a fairly simple library and easy to change.


I sent in a pull request, but it's failing a test. I think the test might now be invalid, however: It's looking for a grid that may not exist, depending on the data set.:

assert os.path.exists('test/output/imported/0/0/0.grid.json')

Of course I could also be reading that wrong.

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