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  • Will now throw if files do not exist (instead of throwing on missing/unknown srs)

  • Fixed support for loading layer datasource files from alternative windows drives

  • Moved to no-symlink/no-copy behavior on all windows versions

  • Updated node-srs version

  • Improved handling of known file extensions to better support guessing extensions via headers

  • Fixed handling of sqlite attach with absolute paths


  • Fixed missing error handling when localizing Carto URIs


  • Improved uri regex methods for carto urls - #68, #69, #70, #72, and #73

  • Use copy fallback on Windows platforms supporting symlinks but where the user does not have the symlink 'right' (#71)

  • Restored Node v0.4.x support


  • Improved uri regex methods for carto urls - amends #63


  • Fixed handling of multiple non-unique carto urls in the same stylesheet (#63)


  • Fixed extension handling for urls without an extension

  • Moved to streaming copy of data when in copy mode to avoid too much memory usage

  • Fixed race condition when localizing imag/svg icons in styles like point-file and marker-file.

  • Exposed the global downloads object so calling applications can see how many downloads millstone is currently handling

  • Removed node v0.8.x deprecation warnings

  • Added more agressive re-copying of data when it is out of date and millstone is in copy mode (win XP)

  • Moved to processing shapefile parts instead of the directory


  • Added a verbose mode that can be trigged by setting NODE_ENV = 'development'

  • Switched to request (dropped node-get) for better proxy support

  • Support for making relative the paths stored to the download cache

  • Support for zipfiles with no extension

  • Advertise node v8 support


  • Fixes to better support localization of carto resources


  • Updated node-get min version in order to fully support proxy auth
  • Improved cross-platform relative path detection


  • Improved regex used to detect content-disposition

  • Support for localizing uri's in stylesheet


  • Moved to mocha for tests

  • Made nosymlink option optional


  • Add nosymlink option for not downloading files
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