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#include <node.h>
#include <string>
#include <queue>
#include <sqlite3.h>
#include "async.h"
using namespace v8;
using namespace node;
namespace node_sqlite3 {
class Database;
class Database : public ObjectWrap {
static Persistent<FunctionTemplate> constructor_template;
static void Init(Handle<Object> target);
static inline bool HasInstance(Handle<Value> val) {
if (!val->IsObject()) return false;
Local<Object> obj = val->ToObject();
return constructor_template->HasInstance(obj);
struct Baton {
uv_work_t request;
Database* db;
Persistent<Function> callback;
int status;
std::string message;
Baton(Database* db_, Handle<Function> cb_) :
db(db_), status(SQLITE_OK) {
db->Ref(); = this;
callback = Persistent<Function>::New(cb_);
virtual ~Baton() {
struct OpenBaton : Baton {
std::string filename;
int mode;
OpenBaton(Database* db_, Handle<Function> cb_, const char* filename_, int mode_) :
Baton(db_, cb_), filename(filename_), mode(mode_) {}
struct ExecBaton : Baton {
std::string sql;
ExecBaton(Database* db_, Handle<Function> cb_, const char* sql_) :
Baton(db_, cb_), sql(sql_) {}
struct LoadExtensionBaton : Baton {
std::string filename;
LoadExtensionBaton(Database* db_, Handle<Function> cb_, const char* filename_) :
Baton(db_, cb_), filename(filename_) {}
typedef void (*Work_Callback)(Baton* baton);
struct Call {
Call(Work_Callback cb_, Baton* baton_, bool exclusive_ = false) :
callback(cb_), exclusive(exclusive_), baton(baton_) {};
Work_Callback callback;
bool exclusive;
Baton* baton;
struct ProfileInfo {
std::string sql;
sqlite3_int64 nsecs;
struct UpdateInfo {
int type;
std::string database;
std::string table;
sqlite3_int64 rowid;
bool IsOpen() { return open; }
bool IsLocked() { return locked; }
typedef Async<std::string, Database> AsyncTrace;
typedef Async<ProfileInfo, Database> AsyncProfile;
typedef Async<UpdateInfo, Database> AsyncUpdate;
friend class Statement;
Database() : ObjectWrap(),
debug_profile(NULL) {
~Database() {
handle = NULL;
open = false;
static Handle<Value> New(const Arguments& args);
static void Work_BeginOpen(Baton* baton);
static void Work_Open(uv_work_t* req);
static void Work_AfterOpen(uv_work_t* req);
static Handle<Value> OpenGetter(Local<String> str, const AccessorInfo& accessor);
void Schedule(Work_Callback callback, Baton* baton, bool exclusive = false);
void Process();
static Handle<Value> Exec(const Arguments& args);
static void Work_BeginExec(Baton* baton);
static void Work_Exec(uv_work_t* req);
static void Work_AfterExec(uv_work_t* req);
static Handle<Value> Close(const Arguments& args);
static void Work_BeginClose(Baton* baton);
static void Work_Close(uv_work_t* req);
static void Work_AfterClose(uv_work_t* req);
static Handle<Value> LoadExtension(const Arguments& args);
static void Work_BeginLoadExtension(Baton* baton);
static void Work_LoadExtension(uv_work_t* req);
static void Work_AfterLoadExtension(uv_work_t* req);
static Handle<Value> Serialize(const Arguments& args);
static Handle<Value> Parallelize(const Arguments& args);
static Handle<Value> Configure(const Arguments& args);
static void SetBusyTimeout(Baton* baton);
static void RegisterTraceCallback(Baton* baton);
static void TraceCallback(void* db, const char* sql);
static void TraceCallback(Database* db, std::string* sql);
static void RegisterProfileCallback(Baton* baton);
static void ProfileCallback(void* db, const char* sql, sqlite3_uint64 nsecs);
static void ProfileCallback(Database* db, ProfileInfo* info);
static void RegisterUpdateCallback(Baton* baton);
static void UpdateCallback(void* db, int type, const char* database, const char* table, sqlite3_int64 rowid);
static void UpdateCallback(Database* db, UpdateInfo* info);
void RemoveCallbacks();
sqlite3* handle;
bool open;
bool locked;
unsigned int pending;
bool serialize;
std::queue<Call*> queue;
AsyncTrace* debug_trace;
AsyncProfile* debug_profile;
AsyncUpdate* update_event;
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