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added a section that explains rebuilding sqlite3 for node-webkit
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node-sqlite3 - Asynchronous, non-blocking [SQLite3]( bindings for [Node.js]( 0.2-0.4 (versions 2.0.x), **0.6.13+, 0.8.x, and 0.10.x** (versions 2.1.x).
+(Can also run in [node-webkit]( if it uses a supported version of Node's engine.)
[![Build Status](](
[![npm package version](](
@@ -61,10 +63,33 @@ You can use [`npm`]( to download and install:
In both cases the module is automatically built with npm's internal version of `node-gyp`,
and thus your system must meet [node-gyp's requirements](
-You can also make your own build of `sqlite3` from the source (see the next section for details).
+It is also possible to make your own build of `sqlite3` from its source instead of its npm package ([see below](#building-from-the-source)).
+It is possible to use the installed package in [node-webkit]( instead of the vanilla Node.js, but a rebuild is required before use (see the next section).
+Because of ABI differences, only a rebuilt version of `sqlite3` can be used in [node-webkit](
+After the `sqlite3` module is installed (according to the previous section), do the following:
+1. Install [`nw-gyp`]( globally: `npm install nw-gyp -g` *(unless already installed)*
+2. Use `nw-gyp` to rebuild the module: `nw-gyp rebuild --target=0.6.2`
+Remember the following:
+* In the `nw-gyp rebuild` command, specify the actual target version of your node-webkit. The command must be run in sqlite3's directory (where its `package.json` resides).
+* After the `sqlite3` package is rebuilt for node-webkit it cannot run in the vanilla Node.js (and vice versa).
+ * For example, `npm test` of the node-webkit's package would fail.
+ * If you need `sqlite3` package both for Node.js and node-webkit, then you should make two separate installations of `sqlite3` (in different directories) and rebuild only one of them for node-webkit.
+Visit the “[Using Node modules](” article in the node-webkit's wiki for more details.
Unless building via `npm install` (which uses its own `node-gyp`) you will need `node-gyp` installed globally:

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