Building on Windows

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Binaries are available of node-sqlite3 for windows, so you:

  • do not need to compile yourself
  • you also then do not need visual studio compiler or python

See for how things work with binaries.

If you want to source compile, or if you are running a custom node version for which we do not provide binaries for then read on:

1. Install Node

Make sure you have the latest stable release of node - at the time of writing that is either v0.10.x or v4.

NOTE: be aware of whether you installed the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Node.

1. Install Visual Studio with C++ compiler

You need to install the same visual studio version that the node.exe you are using was built with. Because this changes, we do not document that version here.

3. Install Python

A STABLE version of Python is required to build sqlite3 for windows. Download it from Do not forget to add the Python install directory to your system PATH.

  • Tested and functional with Python 2.7.9.
  • Tested but not working with Python 3.5.0a1

4. Build the module


npm install sqlite --build-from-source=sqlite3

Or download the git repo and inside the repo type:

npm install --build-from-source=sqlite3

Note: --build-from-source is an option understood by and it triggers a source compile instead of installation from pre-compiled binaries.

5. Troubleshooting

Create an issue if you have trouble. Please provide as much detail about what versions you are using and the exact errors you encountered.

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