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Feature request: Ability to open buffers as zip files #10

ralphholzmann opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I'm writing an application that parses raw email data and attachments. I'd like to use your library to manipulate zip file attachments, if they exist. After parsing, I have an array of attachment buffers (with some properties). It would be nice if you could add the feature to pass an existing buffer to new zipfile.ZipFile(). This way I wont have to do the round about solution of writing the zip buffer to disk, only to reopen it with zipfile.

Thank you,



I agree, this would be nice but I don't think its possible given the underlying library I am wrapping, which is libzip: A quick pass through the libzip code does not indicate support for anything but file based access to zip archives. Might be worth checking with the libzip guys if they have any ideas - you up for that?


closing. not seeing this as actionable - even though it is desirable.

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