unzip.js fails to unzip Foo.app inside of Foo.zip #11

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Reason is that the directory of Foo.app is not created (on osx) because it is interpreted as a filename. So, need to find a more robust method of determining whether to create folders.

d:Build dane$ unzip.js TermKit.zip 

  return binding.open(path, stringToFlags(flags), mode);
Error: EBADF, Bad file descriptor 'TermKit.app/'
    at Object.openSync (fs.js:221:18)
    at /Users/dane/.nvm/v0.4.7/lib/node/.npm/zipfile/0.1.8/package/bin/unzip.js:29:21
d:Build dane$ coda /Users/dane/.nvm/v0.4.7/lib/node/.npm/zipfile/0.1.8/package/bin/unzip.js
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@clintonc - cool, thanks for taking a look. Note that this is not a problem core to the bindings, but rather the convenience command line script provided to go with the module. More robust usage could be plucked from https://github.com/mapbox/millstone/blob/master/lib/millstone.js#L112-163


Thanks - just realised after forking it and trying to find where folder vs file was managed :) Will apply that fix to our usage in calipso (https://github.com/cliftonc/calipso/blob/master/lib/cli/Download.js#L323) and then do the same to the CLI script here.


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closing, nothing actionable here.

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