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As discussed previously, I have performed some changes in node-zipfile. They are the following:

  • Made it impossible to have multiple concurrent calls to libzip functions by referencing opened objects
    (file, source) and throwing an exception when they are used.

  • Added a stream-like API for file read. I figured this out because

    • I prefer that an asynchronous read does not necessarily read all the file at once.
    • libzip actually has an API that, on purpose, imitates usual file system IO.

    Thus, the code for this API in zipfile.js is actually taken from node's code..

  • Added write API. For now, one can only add/replace local files and local directories. Adding buffers should
    be fairly trivial to add.

    The trick here is that adding/replacing in libzip returns immediately, Actual write is done when closing
    (saving in the current API). Thus, it is not possible to stream-line write operations in a stream-oriented

I am aware that those changes represent a pretty huge modification of you codebase. I am submitting a pull-request in the hope that you could accept them. However, feel free to refuse them as well, I would have no problem maintaing it myself -- it is just that I believe that there are already way to many node-zipfile bindings floating around to add yet another one..


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great, thanks very much for the contribution. Looks good. I am just headed offline for 2 weeks however, so I'll review when I'm back and look into applying the merge then. thanks for the patience.

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hey there. now that node v6 is out, and things have changed a bit around async stuff. This ideally could be revised so that it automatically merges and works with node v6. If you are on to new things, no worries I will try to take a look once node v6 settles out a bit.


+1 to this..

I tried to merge myself with current head but it appears there is some reworking going on with 'node_zipfile.cpp' for the 0.6.x update - and i'm not a C++/node extension expert :)
I'll look at it again later to see if I can get it working (am working on something that could using this streaming interface right now) but might be better if someone how know wtf they were doing did it :) (doesn't otherwise seem to be a huge merge (assuming it works))

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ya, wish I had of merged it long ago, apologies. It will require more wrangling time than I have to update to node v6. Currently I'm pushing on trying to get node-zipfile compiled on windows.



I've had a try at this. A lot of C headers have been changed since 0.4.x, which I use here. Thus, I cannot compile the new code.

It would need to work around the new uv_work_t type, using the NODE_VERSION_AT_LEAST macro..

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this patch should ideally be revised to work with node v0.6.x, which, as you note uses libuv now and uv_work_t. Current node-zipfile master code is already using these libuv types. Thoughts?


It's feasible but I want to use node 0.4.x here for production reasons. I'll see if I find time to have another 0.6.x install and update the patch to make it compile with both versions.

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curious, what is holding you back from 0.6.x?


I'm planning on using on heroku at some point...

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closing, this is stale. sorry we missed getting it in. would review an updated pull.

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