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#!/usr/bin/env python
from os import path
from collections import defaultdict
config = defaultdict(defaultdict)
config["importer"] = "osm2pgsql" # either 'imposm' or 'osm2pgsql'
# The name given to the style. This is the name it will have in the TileMill
# project list, and a sanitized version will be used as the directory name
# in which the project is stored
config["name"] = "OSM Bright"
# The absolute path to your MapBox projects directory. You should
# not need to change this unless you have configured TileMill specially
config["path"] = path.expanduser("~/Documents/MapBox/project")
# PostGIS connection setup
# Leave empty for Mapnik defaults. The only required parameter is dbname.
config["postgis"]["host"] = ""
config["postgis"]["port"] = ""
config["postgis"]["dbname"] = "osm"
config["postgis"]["user"] = ""
config["postgis"]["password"] = ""
# Increase performance if you are only rendering a particular area by
# specifying a bounding box to restrict queries. Format is "XMIN,YMIN,XMAX,YMAX"
# in the same units as the database (probably spherical mercator meters). The
# whole world is "-20037508.34 -20037508.34 20037508.34 20037508.34".
# Leave blank to let Mapnik estimate.
config["postgis"]["extent"] = "-20037508.34 -20037508.34 20037508.34 20037508.34"
# Land shapefiles required for the style. If you have already downloaded
# these or wish to use different versions, specify their paths here.
# OSM land shapefiles from MapBox are indexed for Mapnik and have blatant
# errors corrected (eg triangles along the 180 E/W line), but are updated
# infrequently. The latest versions can be downloaded from
# -
# -
config["processed_p"] = ""
config["shoreline_300"] = ""
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