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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import re
import sys
from os import unlink
from json import loads, dumps
from glob import glob
from shutil import rmtree
from os.path import join, isdir, expanduser, exists
from collections import defaultdict
if not exists('./'):
sys.stderr.write('Error: does not exist, did you forget to create it from the sample (\n')
elif exists('./configure.pyc'):
from configure import config
from lib.utils import copy_tree
config["path"] = expanduser(config["path"])
def clean():
if isdir("build"):
for f in glob("build/*.html"): unlink(f)
def build():
#copy the osm-bright tree to a build dir
copy_tree("osm-bright", "build")
#remove the mml templates
for f in glob("build/*.mml"):
#load the project template
templatefile = open(join('osm-bright', 'osm-bright.%s.mml' % config["importer"]))
template = loads(
#fill in the project template
for layer in template["Layer"]:
if layer["id"] == "land-low":
layer["Datasource"]["file"] = config["land-low"]
elif layer["id"] == "land-high":
layer["Datasource"]["file"] = config["land-high"]
elif layer["id"] == "ne_places":
layer["Datasource"]["file"] = config["ne_places"]
# Assume all other layers are PostGIS layers
for opt, val in config["postgis"].iteritems():
if (val == ""):
if (opt in layer["Datasource"]):
del layer["Datasource"][opt]
layer["Datasource"][opt] = val
template["name"] = config["name"]
#dump the filled-in project template to the build dir
with open(join('build', 'project.mml'), 'w') as output:
output.write(dumps(template, sort_keys=True, indent=2))
def install():
assert isdir(config["path"]), "Config.path does not point to your mapbox projects directory; please fix and re-run"
sanitized_name = re.sub("[^\w]", "", config["name"])
output_dir = join(config["path"], sanitized_name)
print "installing to %s" % output_dir
copy_tree("build", output_dir)
def pull():
#copy the project from mapbox to osm-bright
sanitized_name = re.sub("[^\w]", "", config["name"])
output_dir = join(config["path"], sanitized_name)
copy_tree(output_dir, "osm-bright", ("layers", ".thumb.png"))
#load the project file
project = loads(open(join("osm-bright", "project.mml")).read())
#Make sure we reset postgis data in the project file back to its default values
defaultconfig = defaultdict(defaultdict)
defaultconfig["postgis"]["host"] = ""
defaultconfig["postgis"]["port"] = ""
defaultconfig["postgis"]["dbname"] = "osm"
defaultconfig["postgis"]["user"] = ""
defaultconfig["postgis"]["password"] = ""
defaultconfig["postgis"]["extent"] = "-20037508.34 -20037508.34 20037508.34 20037508.34"
defaultconfig["name"] = "OSM Bright"
defaultconfig["land-high"] = ""
defaultconfig["land-low"] = ""
defaultconfig["ne_places"] = ""
project["name"] = defaultconfig["name"]
for layer in project["Layer"]:
if layer["id"] == "land-low":
layer["Datasource"]["file"] = defaultconfig["land-low"]
elif layer["id"] == "land-high":
layer["Datasource"]["file"] = defaultconfig["land-high"]
elif layer["id"] == "ne_places":
layer["Datasource"]["file"] = defaultconfig["ne_places"]
# Assume all other layers are PostGIS layers
for opt, val in defaultconfig["postgis"].iteritems():
if val and opt in layer["Datasource"]:
layer["Datasource"][opt] = val
elif opt in layer["Datasource"]:
del layer["Datasource"][opt]
project_template = open(join("osm-bright", "osm-bright.%s.mml") % config["importer"], 'w')
project_template.write(dumps(project, sort_keys=True, indent=2))
#now delete project.mml
unlink(join("osm-bright", "project.mml"))
if __name__ == "__main__":
if sys.argv[-1] == "clean":
elif sys.argv[-1] == "build":
elif sys.argv[-1] == "install":
elif sys.argv[-1] == "pull":